South Road and the carpal tunnel

I have been away for the last few days. When I am in Adelaide  I can access the mail server through a portable modem, but for reasons which are totally unknown, I cannot reply to anything. I have been to see Apple and Telstra, but we can find nothing wrong.  Telstra checked the settings on the modem and Apple checked out my laptop and  there is no reason why I cannot send out, but I just can’t.  This is by way of explanation to a little friend, The Grey Wolf, reborn, that I was not ignoring you – I just could not send you a message of support. You will get through this, I know you will – I have faith in you.

South Road
The Exciting South Road

In my hotel room I wrote a post about Misty, one of my dogs. In the light of recent events I decided it was not appropriate at this time and  did a cut and paste on to another document to be used some time in the future. Adelaide was exciting in that I went to see Alan and managed to navigate through the  vagaries of the South Road to where I needed to be. On the return journey, which is even more fraught with delays and detours, I became  ” Geographically Misplaced” and instead of arriving back in the city  arrived some 15 miles away in  Port Adelaide. That’s kool – I had never been there before so that was good. However by the time I did get into the city I had been driving with only a short bread for over seven hours and did my hand hurt!! One of these fine days I will get this seen to, but I think driving all the way down to see Alan and then the drive back, including the “Geographically Misplaced” section,  was just too much and I suffered for it. Four hours or thereabouts I can accommodate, but driving for most  of the day was just a kilometre too far.  The GPS is a very handy tool, but it can have its limitations. I know the way to all the places I have to go, but this is new and the South Road is not the place to  go looking for new things because the detours and routes change from week to week – sometimes, so I am told, from day to day. And the GPS wants to take you into roads that are blocked off, or just no longer exist because of the reconstruction. The South Road is a good example of what happens with a metrocentric government – it will quite happily borrow and spend million and tens of millions on roads and freeways in Adelaide,

The exciting South Road
The exciting South Road

but there is nothing available to upgrade or even repair roads in the country.

Until recently I had never heard of Valley Fever, so in order to find out what it was I had to look it up. I now know and understand – well as much as anyone who may never have any exposure to the sickness can understand.

2 thoughts on “South Road and the carpal tunnel

  1. I might be missing something in the posts, but I am not finding one talking about problems with Misty…. Things have been a bit crazy of late so I haven’t been reading too much of anyone’s blog, so if I missed something in your time of need, please accept my apology!

    Not sure if you remember, but we have 4 Valley Fever dogs here at The Ranch. I thought it was a disease isolated to the Sonoran Desert! Live and learn!

    E-mail me at with any VF questions. We have gotten quite knowledgeable due to our circumstances… 2 are expressing the disease with respiratory issues, 3 with physical/neuro issues, 1 shows no symptoms at all. (yup, there is overlap, some kids have multiple effects). After a couple of months on the meds, the sleepiness does go away… Crabby and I are both trying to get time to go to a doctor to get tested ourselves because we have had symptoms for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the dogs always took priority. I think it safe to assume with 4 VF dogs under roof, 2 across the street, 1 next door, it is possible that we too may have the disease…


    1. I had never mentioned Misty before so you are quite correct. I was thinking about her and started to write about her when your post arrived about Vito and in the light of that I decide that what I had written was not appropriate at that time. Congratulations on the puppy – I think :o)


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