Pergola Roof and Dumped Dogs

Firstly the news that it was the cyst showing up again,  so that was a great relief and we can star calming down again. I was thinking about going down to Adelaide this week but since it is to be raining down there most of this week I decided against it. Adelaide can be cold, wet and miserable during the winter. Apart from anything else, there is a lot of work to do here and the RFDS are going to be fairly busy this coming weekend. I want to rebuild part of the pergola and before I can do that I have to  put a new roof on. This is going to be lots of fun but the sheets have to go up before I can put the flooring down. The area I am looking at used to house a swimming pool.  I suspect that during the water crisis they, like many other South Australians, had the pool removed.  However, having removed the pool the previous owners did not pack the area correctly but simply filled it with rubble with a covering of earth and  stones. That one area has sunk somewhat – not a great deal, but enough. I  did have a quote to have  decking put in and that was just too waaay out. I mean I knew it would not be a cheap option but his quote was just not acceptable. So it has been unused for  a while now and I want it brought back into use. It has the steel frame for  the sheeting but it was never put up.

Thrown out of a car and left to wander the streets

I gave up writing what I wanted to say  to post this:  Everyone meet lovely Tiber. He has a bit of a sad story to him. Last Friday Tiber was thrown out of a car at Jubilee Park and the driver just drove off, leaving the dog behind to wander the streets. Unfortunately the dog did not have a registration tag or microchip, so the council have been unable to locate the owner.

This happens almost every day in this place. People tie dogs up to trees in the heat of the day with no water, tied up outside of supermarkets, dumped outside the local vet – generally boxes with puppies. They know there is a security camera there  so they wear a hood. And it’s not just puppies, sometimes it’s kittens that are thrown into boxes and left outside the vet. It’s a serious problem and most of these dogs, kittens and puppies end up in the pound. The lucky ones either get adopted here or in Adelaide – once transport is organised. This was posted on the SA Dog Rescue to highlight the growing problem here and the lack of facilities and people  to deal with it. The  dog, now called, Tiber, has been put up for adoption. Hopefully he will find a home soon.

2 thoughts on “Pergola Roof and Dumped Dogs

  1. As a person who can barely use a hammer, I don’t envy your construction project!

    Starting to believe we are devolving as a species with so many dogs being thrown away…


  2. It’s sad – and a pretty poor indictment on our society. I don’t know what the answer is and I’m not altogether convinced that government legislation fits in there


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