Work, Chocolate and little twisters


I have been called into work three days this week and decided that I am not available for the last two days.  I said that my garden is starting to get messy because I have not had the time to look after it, I should  have added that my room is also like a tip. I have  brought back paperwork from Adelaide and have not had the time to put it away before I was off again.  I really need some time to get things organised before starting again – i.e. heading south in the general direction of Adelaide. When we were in Adelaide last week, Herself  just wanted to go back to the hotel and rest after the journey and the tests. I took her to the hotel, got her settled and made sure she was ok. I then took off into town for an hour or so to do some shopping – mainly stationery that I can’t get at home. I wandered into David Jones and saw this display of Chocolate. Talk about “Death by Chocolate”. There was also a display of Marilyn Monroe, in Chocolate, but it was just too crowded and I couldn’t get near to get a good look and not the time to wait around.  Probably just as well!!

In the morning I will make a start on the garden and hopefully get rid of the bulk of these weeds. I also need to sort out the Sturt’s Desert Pea which has been sort of running wild and has overflowed into the driveway. The Arid Land plants are doing well, at least I think they are. I will know better when I can get to see them better through all these weeds. We have just had so much rain recently that the weeds have just taken off. The weather has been really odd and a tornado – not the big scary  ones like America gets, but big enough to cause a lot of  damage  on the outskirts of Adelaide –  touched down not far from Bolivar.

I’ve cleared the bulk of the weeds away and refreshed my Arid Lands Plants – which are doing well. I am also in the process of creating two new  raised flower beds alongside the garage. I had some thoughts about placing the flower beds on concrete but then I came up with the idea of using the wood chips as a draining agent  rather than a mulching agent – covered the bottom in a good layer of wood chips then the potting mixture on the top of that. Anyway, that’s

Masses of flowers!
Masses of flowers!

my theory and what I have done. I just have to see if it works  :o)  And the Sturt’s Desert Pea is taking over everything at the front — Joyfull with its bright green and bright red flowers.  I had to cut it back a little because it had spread out over the driveway and people, including me,  were driving over it.