Dogs, Weather and Ancient History

0507-KimWarp-dThe little man is not as well as I feel he should be. He is slowing down and he seems to have lost his appetite- yet he still has Schmacko in the morning. Hebell01 sleeps a lot and when I take them out in the evening, he only walks for a short distance and I have to lift and carry him. He also seems a bit  unbalanced at times. I am wondering if he is on the right medication but difficult to find out because the vet has closed down until after new year. He is on  10 mil of Carprofen as a daily dose. I will give him a couple of more days and if I am still not happy, it’s down to a vet at least 80klms away. It’s odd, he gets all excited the minute I pick up the leads and he runs around like a mad thing until I get the lead on. I sometimes wonder if he just exhausts himself before we get out the gate, and the way he runs around would seem to indicate that his back legs are working reasonably well.

The hottest period of the year is from mid January to mid April with February being generally the hottest. It starts to warm up in December but still cold at night and we have some pretty wild nights in December. I can remember several Decembers where we spent Christmas  Eve in thunderstorms with the rain so heavy we  couldn’t hear what was being heard during the Service, Christmases when it just poured and Christmases when it was 44.5c. So, December can be “different”.  This Sunday we have “Carols in the Park”and the last thing is the Mayors Christmas Party in town. Two years ago it rained so hard the party was abandoned.

It is somewhat frustrating to have a completed magazine but not an available photocopier. Ours is currently waiting servicing and I refuse to print until this is done. I refuse to spend time doing something only to have it downgraded by a machine that badly needs servicing and cleaning – particularly cleaning. Oh yes, I remember the “Good Old Days” when we used

Can't remember where I got this from.
Can’t remember where I got this from.

Gestetner Machines. These were manufactured until the mid 1980s and still in use until the late 1980s, so you don’t have to have been a passenger with Noah to remember them. Of course, having said that I realise that for some, the 1980s  was the Middle Ages and the 1970s, Ancient History. For some young people, last bell01week was ancient history. I even remember when we got our very first copy machine and what a messy thing that was- one wrong move and there was ink everywhere. Hated that thing, but by then the Gestetner had been phased out and it was next to impossibly to get supplies. We had two and they went to their new (temporary)  home in the shed behind the church hall. They lived there for quite a few years before them moved to their permanent home in the local dump. I have to say that I never had to cut a stencil, I was merely the handle turner. The Secretary did all the typing then – on a Remington as I remember. So, I will wait, however, it’s not all bad because the Christmas Lunch is this weekend so I will take photographs and somehow manage to slip a few in before printing.

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