High Heat and Thunderstorms

The Beach at low tide
The Beach at low tide

I was asked why the “obese”comment with the photograph and my reply was that the problem with my foot is fairly common among athletes – particularly runners. Outside of the athletic community the problem is generally – but not always – associated with overweight and obesity – addition strain being placed when walking. Since I am not an athlete  or a long distance runner, I just thought, before anyone added one and one and got three, I would show a recent photograph which indicates that I am not obese and other than doing silly things, like with ladders, I really don’t know what the real cause of the problem is – and neither, for that matter did my doctor  – other than to make comments about footwear and ladder rungs. Secondly, why is there a big cockroach in Adelaide? I thought I had explained this but here’s a brief rundown – nearly twenty years ago the State Government and the Adelaide City Council proposed to take some land, about 30 miles North of the city and create a waste disposal landfill for the Adelaide garbage. The land owners protested because of the risk this would propose to an environmentally  sensitive area,  and one of the farmers, more enterprising, created a range of “sculptures” depicting problems associated with landfills. Despite the protests, the State Government went ahead and did what they wanted to do – probably on their usual basis “if it’s good for Adelaide, it’s good for all of South Australia”. The statues remained and have become a feature that we look for traveling Port Wakefield Road to Adelaide. One of these statues was the giant cockroach. It went missing and a search was made for it – led by the State government and the Adelaide City Council. It was finally found and  although slightly damaged, was cleaned and restored — but what to do with it?? It was decided that is would grace Rundle Mall (Adelaide’s main shopping area) until such times as it could go back to its original position  in the land off the Port Wakefield Road. The Statues, which have been there in all sorts of weather for the last twenty years,  are starting to show signs of wear, so the State government is going to contribute funds to help restore them – they now consider them a ‘Tourist Site”, loved and looked for by those of us who travel that road on a regular basis. So I hope that answers these

You need to zoom to see the windmills
You need to zoom to see the windmills

questions.  I would love to take masses of photographs when I go on my twice daily walks with my dogs, but there’s nothing here to see.  Yes, I could take the dogs down to the beach – or someplace, but that would require a major operation and ear plugs to drown out the loud and persistent whining of Chienne because she’s in the car that she hates, and the barking of the Man because he is clipped into the seat belt in the back seat and he wants to sit on my  lap and since the police regularly patrol the beach area, they would see this – and I can’t afford the $285.oo  fine and the demerit points that this would attract.

Electricity Windmills – our state has an obsession with the blessed things and they want them everywhere. Protests –  totests – the State Government just walks right over the top of them and what’s a few landowner concerns when the electricity needs of  South Australia (Adelaide) are concerned.  Other than the Sculptures and the windmills, there is really not a lot to see and we are no longer allowed to venture off the road because the land is now owned by the Army. For years we held an annual concert and Jazz Festival at a place called “Red Rock” that’s off-limits now.

We climbed to  an official temperature of 46c today. My thermometer recorded 48, so it’s at least accurate. Same again tomorrow and Thursday. Thunderstorm this evening and Chienne was medicated. The man  got under my bad and stayed there. I found an old pair of  shorts and put them close to him, so he bunched them up and curled up there for most of the evening. Probably more thunder tomorrow night. Trip to the vet I think.

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