Fires, thunderstorms and fires

Fires burning out of control 90 miles from here.
Fires burning out of control 90 miles from here.

Over 20 fires are still burning in South Australia and the residents in the Northern Grampians in Victoria have been told to be ready to evacuate as a massive fire burns out of control. Once our fires are under control we will be able to spare firefighters to go over to Victoria and help out. I am so glad that we don’t do fires or floods here. The heat has not abated any and we are still in the mid to high 40s and have been for five days now.  I have tried my best with water and mulch but my plants have just burned off and the Natives are struggling. And the constant wind means that my garden has become a leaf depository on steroids. Once this heat is over and we go back to normal it will take me ages to clean the place up. The heat I can take but I have never known a period when we have had constant wind day in-day out and it becomes more of a struggle to keep the place clean because the dust gets everywhere.  The wind is fanning the fires burning out of control some 95 miles away in the National Park. However the main threat is in Victoria where several small town have been evacuated.

Right at this very moment we are in the middle of a thunderstorm and Chienne is going gaga. Her distress is now passed to the Man and he is a bit upset. It is loud and it is a bit scary. I have medicated Chienne but I am reluctant to give anything to the Man that I have not already cleared with the Vet.  The Thunderstorm is a cause for further concern and it is believed that the lightening could spark off further Fires. Tomorrow the temperature is due to crash from 44c today to an overnight low of 30c and then down to a cool 28c tomorrow, and then we just wait for the next belting  :o)

It’s down to 29c at the moment but over the border in Victoria fires are still burning out of control and although conditions in the South East of  SA are starting to ease, we still have a couple of fires burning out of control with over 12 homes destroyed. If the cool weather lasts for a bit. I’ll  go out and  plant the Pencil Pines.

The cool weather is really not helping the areas where the fires are burning because of the wind change – and it’s a fairly strong wind. All it’s doing is causing the fires to change direction and

The fires on the far side of the Spencer Gulf
The fires on the far side of the Spencer Gulf

add more problems for the hundreds of firefighters battling the blazes.  I have posted here a photograph that was taken from a hill at the foreshore. In the foreground to the left, is the Iron Ore export jetty and in the distance, over the water is the fires burning on the hills at Port Germain about twenty miles away. And yes I did say that the fires were a long way from us and that’s true (170 klms by road) but I have not yet seen or heard of a fire that can travel across 20 – 25 miles over open water.

I am still having major problems with my email system and I know I’ve just lost another batch of mail. It was there this morning but when I went back into MS Outlook a little while later it was all gone. I cannot find it anywhere, so it looks as if I am going to have to bite the bullet, buy a new MS Outlook – from Outlook 2010 –  Outlook 2013- and see where we go from there. If it cannot be fixed it might be just as cheap to have a new battery put into the AppleMac and abandon the PC. Please understand I am not ignoring anyone. Everything else is fine, just MS Outlook.

5 thoughts on “Fires, thunderstorms and fires

  1. Be safe man… hard times for your countryfolk indeed.
    In July, when we get our dose of mid 40’s, we too get incessant wind, but just for 10 days or so and here too, it roasts every living thing apart from the citrus trees and cacti. Even our kiwi vines curl up. The worst thing is keeping the house cool. We have a little a/c but cant afford that running much, and we dont like a ‘cold’ house. But we do have insulated walls and heat resistant glass; so, if we maintain very strict window and curtain closure at all times, we can keep down to 28 indoors. But that wind…. open a window at 11pm and in blasts 36c like a flippin hairdryer…. yuk.
    Hey ho. Thanks for the informative posts. Hoping news becomes more positive soon.


  2. Yes hairdryer is right. It’s not too bad at the moment but the wind is draining everyone and because we are in the Arid Lands, the wind blows up the dust. We are the same, doors closed and windows shut and I have a awning that I can bring down on the front window. TeeHee, I haven’t been to bed for ten days, just sleeping on top of it.


  3. Thank you Rachel. Chienne is fine now that there is no noise. The man usually doesn’t bother but it was very loud and I think seeing Chienne so upset, upset him. The firefighters are starting to get most of the fires under control.


  4. Very scary over there right now. The picture of the fire across the gulf was what we had a few summers back looking to our north. Hope the weather breaks soon.


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