Chienne and The Man

Chienne (Chi for short)
Chienne (Chi for short) as a young puppy

Her name (Chienne)  means several things but I prefer the term “Female Dog”  Unlike the Man, Chi was not adopted or rescued, Chi was bought by me – well, actually both of us –

Chienne and her Thundershirt
Chienne and her Thundershirt

from a Pet Shop. Now  when you have calmed down and brought your arms back to your side after throwing them up in horror, let me explain.  This was a small town pet shop – it was not part of any big group – animals were not generally part of  what the shop did :  it provided boarding – short and long term, was a grooming service;  herself and I knew the owners and the dogs she did have from time to time, were checked by the Vet – who, by the way, is still our Vet. He still looks after Chienne (Chi (Chee) for short)) and has done for the last twelve years.. However, there was adoption of a sorts because – and we do not know why – Chienne adopted Andrew. Andrew moved out years ago but work commitments meant he had to leave her behind but he did come  over a couple of times a week just to take her out . Even now, she can tell when his car  pulls into the driveway and she goes nuts – the excitement is amazing. Heck she never gets that excited for  me when I come back from Adelaide  but then I only feed her and walk her,  look after her and pay the Vet bills.  I suppose by extension Andrew and Trish’s girls get nearly similar treatment. Chienne revels in all the attention from her beloved Andrew and the girls.  The Man, on the other hand is different. He is a rescue dog. He had, from all accounts, a pretty rotten time and was sick, matted and looked really sad and pathetic. There were other dogs at the pound that day but for some reason I asked for him. He was brought home bathed and cleaned then taken to the groom. He was pretty sick and spent time in  “Hospital” with our Vet looking over him. He had been kicked about the mouth and a good number of his teeth were in a bad way. The Vet tried to save as much as he could but in the end, over

A Man and His Chair
A Man and His Chair

about a year, all his teeth were removed. I just have to cut things up smaller but he eats well.  Unlike Chienne he dislikes the girls and tries to go away and hide when they come over. They think of him as a puppy and want him to play so he tends to get grumpy and I have been quite happy a couple of times that he has no teeth. The little one – Tallia – wants to keep picking him and and trying to cuddle him like a little doll and this makes him very unhappy. I generally open the door and he takes off to his secret den in the garage and only comes back when they have all gone. I can understand – he’s old and he doesn’t like being pulled about, poked and prodded not to mention being treated like a doll – it’s just so undignified.  I think if the girls went to the UK they would qualify for entrance to one of what I think is one of the top schools there – I believe it’s called  St. Trinians  :o) The man sleeps for much of the day and although he gets excited when I

Out in the bush
Out in the bush

get ready to take them out, he only walks for a little while then I have to carry him for  a bit, but this is fine – he’s not heavy. In the early days, when we moved here, there were Kangaroos around the place and I would see them when I took the dogs out. However, over the last few years most of the land has been fenced off and earmarked for future house development, so we don’t see the Roos any more, glad in some ways, sad in others. I have looked at two sets of wheels for him, one set being metal the other being PVC – the PVC only recommended for dogs under 6 kilo and he is only 3 kilo. Over the next week or so I will give thought to getting him measured up and the measurements sent off to the United States. And before you ask, I can get a set of wheels made in Australia but it is cheaper to buy the good in the USA have them shipped over here and pay the postage costs than it is to have them made in Australia. Still, it could be worse, they could be made right here in South Australia, then we really would know what charges are all about in the highest taxing state in the Commonwealth. We have a government that wants to play with the big boys but in order to do this, it needs money – so it borrows and spends and borrows again – hence the fact that 1,oo9,000 of a working population have a collective debt of  75% of revenue with an interest bill alone of $780 Million per year – and that’s before it spends the next four years accumulating even more debt. And it will because they  are addicted to spending

A Man and His(?) Office
A Man and His (?) Office

because that’s what the big boys do.

One thought on “Chienne and The Man

  1. We went to the darkside and bought Angus from a breeder. Lucky for me, I’m his demographic, thought to watch him flirt with other females… heartbreaking.


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