Highways, by-ways and Mother Nature

I can still relate to this
I can still relate to this

Apart from a Football Match (Australian Rules) I have now discovered another reason for staying out of the City – International  OZ-Comi-Con is being held at the Showgrounds. This is annoying because I wanted to go to that this year. My son went last year and bought me a Warehouse 13 T Shirt and had photographs taken with Richard Dean Anderson. However, I have to be at a conference on Saturday morning and be back in time for a Barbecue. However, with these two events, the place will be packed and although I do have to do one thing in town, I might not be able to if I can’t get parked. I will probably drive into town, judge things and either try to park or drive back out again. I might get away with it on Friday morning but certainly not Saturday, although I wont be in town on Saturday anyway. I’ll be navigating the South Road. Joy! I was asked to go to Karrulta Park on Friday which works out good for me. I can pick up the ANZAC Highway which runs into West Terrace and puts me on the side of the road that I wanted to be in.  Well ok, Adelaide is not the world biggest metropolis,   but  coming into West Terrace from any other end means cutting across 10 lanes of traffic to get where I want to be –  South Terrace, North Terrace, ANZAC Highway and Sir Donald Bradman Drive all converge in West Terrace. From there I can head up to Salisbury. This is also a busy place, but far enough away from Adelaide to miss the crowds.

I do not really get irritated with many things but one of the things that does irritate me is the way comments (awaiting moderation) just vanish into cyberspace. This happens on a couple of sites so I’m not really sure if I should continue with these sites, or just go. Of course, this could be a roundabout way of telling me to go anyway  :o)

The drive to Adelaide was uneventful – thankfully. A lovely day and a good drive down. I  I did turn off the by-pass onto

 Sturt Desert Rose

Sturt Desert Rose

the South Road  and I have to say that I am impressed. No detours and the elevated roadway was all but completed – just some cosmetic finishing touches. A super road – but then it’s cost enough so it should be. Well,  that’s that section finished, now the fight starts about where the government is going to borrow the money to start work on the next section. My one criticism  is that because of the cosmetic work being undertaken, traffic on the new 8 lane (4×4) roadway was restricted to 60kph – less stress, no detours, but not all that faster in getting to Kurralta Park. I did manage to get the last photograph for my report at West Terrace before heading off to Salisbury. After the conference on Saturday I decided to make a detour that would see me back on the South Road and the

Lovely Day!! (38c)
Lovely Day!! (38c)

new highway again. This was amazing because the South Road Highway now blends into the Salisbury Highway, which then joins the  Port Wakefield Road and a direct run home on Highway 1. Bonus… I was home in plenty of time to feed the dogs and get us  over to my son’s place for the Barbecue.

Since I came back from Adelaide it’s been raining almost constantly. It’s been good in that my 22,500 ltr water is overflowing as is the 1350 ltr. water tank. The small  tank I use for watering plants – when they actually survive that is- which is not very often. The Hibiscus and the other bushes I planted have all died so we are slowly coming to the conclusion that the previous owners, who had a thing for concrete and gravel, may well have  made sure that nothing will grow on the little area of soil they left. What I am thinking about is weed matting and woodchips and give up this one-sided, unequal struggle. Mother nature is bigger than me  :o)

2 thoughts on “Highways, by-ways and Mother Nature

  1. Please describe the rain in much, much more detail. We’ve heard stories that water falls from the sky from time to time, but we haven’t seen it in forever!


  2. Well, you are probably familiar with big black clouds – they are seen almost everywhere – and here in this little corner of the universe, they sometimes carry water ( a wet, odorless, colourless, substance) – Now, if the conditions are just right, these clouds release all this wet stuff that they have hidden inside them and if falls down on poor, unsuspecting people. This phenomenon is called rain. The drops are not very big, but there is a lot of them, best described by a great poet thus “there are holes in the sky where the rain comes in: the holes are small – that’s why rain’s so thin” I hope this helps :o)


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