RFDS, the Man and Orchids (Triffids)

RFDS Aircraft
RFDS Aircraft

I only found out very recently that there is a Royal Flying Doctor Service – Support Group,  in Germany. They raise funds, just like we do – for the RFDS of Australia. To date the German Group have raised over $110,000.  I thought this was pretty amazing. In order for the group to be legally established, the Australian Ambassador in Berlin had to write to the German Financial Authorities confirming that the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and thus the support group, is a non-profit organization. Amazing – The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia – German Division. :o)

Put the car in for servicing and repairs today. Glad to note only minor repair, and usual oil and coolant change. All ready for  Adelaide on 26th. Once the Assembly is finished – probably late  Wednesday – I will stay over and  attend a training course to update my First Aid Certificate.I figured that  since I was in Adelaide  anyway, I might as well get that done at whilst I was there. All going well I should be heading home on the Friday.

My groomer informed me – reluctantly – that she would prefer not to  groom the Man. Not that he is a “problem” dog but  she is concerned about him. Because his back legs  are a bit of a concern she is frightened that she might hurt him and that makes her nervous.  She’s a young woman and I understand her concerns.  So, I either try to find a new groomer who has experience in working with a dog that has

 The Maltese Terrorist in "our"Chair
The Maltese Terrorist in “our”Chair

unstable back legs or  I think about attempting to do it myself and really making a mess – and don’t say I wont because I know I will. I can leave him until I get back from Adelaide, by which time he will be just about ready for a groom again. He has some problems at time standing still to eat his dinner, so when that happens I stand behind him and support him with my hands underneath him. He’s only little, a slow eater and boy after a while it gets a bit painful on the back bending down., but we’ll think of something.  The good news is that I have found another groomer and I have made an appointment with her when I get back from Adelaide. – Chienne is short-haired and does not need grooming – just a bath and I can do that :o)

Like the song says “All my bags are packed, I’m  ready to go” and it is so. I did hope that I would be able to do some things in the city before the General Assembly begins, but I have been called to a meeting at Para Hills in the early afternoon. Anyway, first two days in North Adelaide then over to Norwood for the remainder.  I have no idea what the Para Hills thing is all about – most unusual to say the least, to call such a meeting only hours before the General Assembly. Very strange!!

Masses of flowers!
Masses of flowers!

The back is still a disaster area and the lovely weeds are thriving. The two Bougainvillea are still surviving (sorry CDL) as are the three other flowers. I am pleased that the  Native Hibiscus – which I really though had died, has sprung to life again and is growing like crazy. Have had salads – I know it’s nearly winter here but I like salad – and I am pleased to say that I  have been using the lettuce leaves from the raised  vegetable bed. In a day or so I should also start to use the parsley. But that’s no great feat – parsley will grow anywhere and good as I am, even I would have difficulty killing it. Brussels Sprouts -hmmmmm – early days.  So everything is not quite a total disaster out back. Front – no movement from the Fir Trees – still at the height they were when I planted them – Sturt’s  Desert Pea is going like wildfire. I want to take a few photographs of this and take it into the Arid Lands Botanic Garden on the way home – also the Sturt’s Desert Rose, which is also thriving. The weeds are too, but I am getting on top of them out there..  The big Shadehouse has been abandoned for the time being. With a limited  access to a good

Gives me the creeps  - like Orchids  :o)
Gives me the creeps – like Orchids :o)

garden shop, I can’t get  the shade plants that will survive. One “friend”suggested that I  give it over to Orchids. I couldn’t do that – I would freak out every time I looked at them – Triffids – miniature Triffids..

3 thoughts on “RFDS, the Man and Orchids (Triffids)

  1. Best wishes to you & your wife. I, too, am disabled and rely on a wonderful hubby to do many things. In case you or your wife like dog stories, stop by my new blog http://maijaharrington.com , where I’m posting chapters from my book-in-progress, “Funny Tails: Adventures and Misadventures in Living with Pugs.” It’s a humorous look at 10 yrs with our 3 pugs + various foster pugs from Pug Rescue of NC. So far, readers seem to think it’s pretty funny. And it’s free, at least until I get a publisher.
    Maija (pronounced My-uh).


    1. Thank you and thank you for the pronunciation . I would probably have pronounced it as My-ya. I do like dog stories and I look forward to reading your adventures,


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