The Vet, The Man and Medication

This is the "Younger" Man
This is the “Younger” Man

Well, back from Adelaide, glad to be back home ,  although I have to go back next week.. I got up this morning to find that Outlook Express strikes again and the mail I was reading over the last two days had simply vanished. It’s not in the trash box, it’s not in the junk box = it’s just gone. I don’t about this happening to anyone else, so I have to believe that it’s something I’m doing – or not doing. What that is, I have not a clue. I know there are a lot of faults with Windows 8 and perhaps this is just another one. So, please, I am not ignoring your posts, I am just having problems with my mail server again. It’s been a couple of months since this happened so perhaps I was getting complacent. But I think the problem with vanishing emails has gotten worse since the change from an AppleMac back to a PC. Having said that I think it is possible that the missing emails could be in the AppleMac so I might set that up and see. It is very frustrating. It was suggested that I move to Google+ and although I have an account there moving over could cause more problems than it would solve.

The Man is not getting any better and apart from problems with arthritis, we now know that he is loosing his sight.  I have been hand feeding him and he  bumps into things more and more. I have an appointment with the Vet tomorrow so I will see what he has to say, but I don’t think it will be all that encouraging. There is only so much we can do.  I really am not ready to let him go if there is any way I can make him less scared and more comfortable. He squeals a lot – not barking –  but we can’t figure out why. I noticed changes in him when I did come back home. A week is a long time in a dog’s life – but you know that.

out and about
out and about

Had the Man at the Vet yesterday afternoon. Struth it was a trying time. He was very distressed and cried (loudly) all the way into town in the car. He cried and screamed in the vet and once I checked in and let them know I was here, I went back outside to walk up and down with him and tried to calm him down. He was in pain and he was afraid. Mustafa (the Vet) is very good and we did manage to calm him down. Yes, he is loosing coordination of his back legs which slip away from him and cause him to fall a lot – yes there  is arthritis and yes he is starting to lose his sight. He is on 10 mil of Carprofen, which should help. I did ask about  Adequan, which he had not heard of, but he has asked his staff to look for it and he will get back to me.  I also talked to him about the wheels and he gave a qualified approval provided that the measurements are correct and it does not put any additional stress on the dog. I told him that the wheels I am about to order – once I have all his measurements – will be made to his specifications and shipped over from the United States.  Mustafa seemed a  bit more relaxed about that.


The other dogs that I take walking at times.
The other dogs that I take walking at times.

At the moment he is curled up asleep in my office – with me –  in front of the fire. He likes his comfort.    I was worried about the fact that he was not eating too well and I was going to mention that until to Mustafa.  Herself suggested that perhaps he does not like cooked chicken (horror!!!)  Hey it was  chicken breasts from the butcher that I cooked and chopped up for him. Anyway, I put the chicken into Chienne’s bowl and she scoffed the lot. I  sorted out some other stuff for him, chopped it up finely and he scoffed that, and there was me thinking I was doing the right thing by buying expensive chicken breasts and he turns up his wee nose at it. The photograph is of  Izzy and Spike -Izzy is the light coloured one – and these are the dogs I take out walking a couple of times – when I can.

4 thoughts on “The Vet, The Man and Medication

  1. Something you need to remember during this hard time: You are the one The Man has blessed with his presence. None of us will ever know what you know and we’ll never know what he gave to you, or how he changed you.

    If you have to make a difficult decision, it doesn’t mean you’re letting him go. Dog’s don’t take pieces of our hearts, they give us pieces of theirs, and those pieces are ours forever.

    The Man will tell you what you should do, and you’ll know it when he tells you. Until then, hold him a little more.


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