The Man

The Young Man
The Young Man

I have renewed my WordPress Account for a further year even although I am not sure why. I have, for the most part, recovered from my illness although I am having a little bit of a breathing problem, which, I am told, will  sort itself out. I also get tired easily and I find that I am quite lethargic and not in the mood for doing much.  I missed the last meeting of the RFDS and organized someone to take the minutes. I would prefer not to be going to Adelaide this week, but I have to be there for the Sitting of  the  Commission. To make matters worse,  the Man is not having such a great time. One night I was particularly worried about him and I thought  I was going to loose him, but he seemed to settle down and  slept peacefully. He did not have a great night last night although he not only had his dinner, we wanted more food, so, I fed him again and he scoffed that too. Here again he settled down and is again sleeping peacefully – well, he snores, so as peacefully as that allows. /////   I was out and Herself telephoned me because she was concerned about the Man, who seemed to be fighting for breath and was in some distress. I left and came home and agreed with her – he was not good and his mouth was blue. I called the Vet and he agreed to meet us at the surgery.  He is in some trouble, his heart is not good, his lungs are not good. He was given an injection to try and calm him down and put into a humidifier crib and oxygen pumped in to help his breathing. At the moment it is touch and go and he will be in the crib overnight.  Mustapha (the Vet – he’s Turkish) will have another look at him in the morning.   It’s not looking good and even if he comes through this episode, it’s only a question of a short time before it will be time -a few months at the most.

We went after lunch and collected him from the Vet. Not a clean bill of health but not too bad for his age. He had a wander around, did some sniffing and settled down in his bed, where he has been all afternoon. He is sleeping very peacefully now – not even snoring. We may only have him for a little while longer but we will try to make it as comfortable for him as possible.

6 thoughts on “The Man

  1. I’m sorry you and The Man haven’t been well- I’m glad you renewed for another year! I don’t always get as much chance as I would like to read your posts but when I do I always enjoy them!


  2. I with you would just stay home once in a while! Rest, relax, feel better. Hugs to The Man.


    1. I would like not to be doing all this driving, but it’s not by choice. Thank you for your concern. It is much appreciated.


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