Trip to the South-East ( Pt.1)

St. Andrew's Naracoorte
St. Andrew’s Naracoorte

Before I even left home I was being told that Naracoorte was a cold place, so I took a pile of warm clothing with me. As it turned out it was lovely for the whole time I was there – cold at night, but warm during the day. I had an excellent four days – good accommodation and lovely weather. It was also a good drive to get there, but not something I will do again. I am not a professional driver so 800klms. was a long drive for me. This was a bit silly since I was advised to break the journey, but I didn’t.

The accommodation was excellent and I really enjoyed the duck park across the road. It was

interesting sitting and watching the birds during a breaks. I didn’t spend too much time getting through Adelaide but I did stop for a little while at Tailem Bend before hitting the last 200+kms. After that I could actually sing ” I’m 500 miles from my home”.  The river looked healthy – well the part of it at Tailem Bend was anyway.

The Ferry at Tailem Bend
The Ferry at Tailem Bend

The Drive from Keith to Naracoorte was interesting in that it is part of the wine region of  South Australia and the landscape on either side of the highway was vineyards – dairy farms and more vineyards.  I did take  photographs but it really does not show the extent of the amount of  vines there were.  I saw some beautiful photographic opportunities  when drivi9ng on the Expressway  but not worth risking a hefty fine since there is no stopping unless in an emergency.

The Bonny Moorhen
The Bonny Moorhen

I did mention the park and duck pond in Naracoorte and this a photograph of one of the birds. I was not sure what it was so I asked and was told that it was a Moorhen, found in Indonesia and parts of Australia.  Lovely thing it was. We do have Moorhens in Scotland but I must admit that I had never seen one.  Annabell told me that the ducks were Mallard Ducks since I remarked on their size.

On the return journey I completed the 340 Klms from Naracoorte to Adelaide and  stayed in Adelaide for the night. Actually I really hadn’t intended to but I met up with friends and stayed longer than I had intended. I  drove out as far as Bolivar and stayed there for the night. The other reason is that Annabell wanted me to get some things for her in Port Augusta and if I had gone ahead, the places would have been closed. As it was I only managed to get half the things she wanted and placed an order for the remainder.


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