Update on Chienne

Chienne was taken to the Vet this afternoon. She is not a well girl. She has a serious viral infection and  has been admitted to hospital. She has been given antibiotics and is on a drip. She is dehydrated and very weak. I was a bit upset because I thought  it was my fault but I was told that these infections can happen very quickly and there was probably nothing I could have done. At 14 years of age we just have to help her to fight by looking after her and giving her the medication    that will help her fight. She will be in the hospital for at least 48 hours – perhaps over the weekend – but I will be able to visit her.

14 thoughts on “Update on Chienne

  1. Aww I’m so sorry Edgar – here’s to a swift recovery! From everything you’ve said about her before, she seems like a fighter! Thinking of you!


      1. It is awful Edgar..Forrest and Doc are 12 and 13 and it worries me everytime they feel unwell..we can only do our best..we have had two snake bite within 12 months and if you could see how we set the yard up ..they must have dropped in by birds! we wish your darling well and hope that she is home soon..i also pulled your name from my lens bag this morning..i hope this little win will make you feel a bit brighter today..please email me dinz1234@bigpond.com with your address so i can send them on their way to you..Fozziemum


    1. Thank you. I went to see her yesterday – twice – and she is still quite weak and lethargic but her breathing is a lot better and she feel better – to the touch, if that makes sense. She is still on a drip and sleeping quietly. I will be back up again today.


  2. We are so very very sorry to hear that. They are truly our family and the loss is as great as if it was a two legged family member as anyone who has lost a beloved pet will tell you. Please hold on the memories and cherish each and every one.

    LB – Dogmom to Abby the Lab


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