9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Over seventy houses, a massive number of other buildings, farm machinery and equipment worth millions destroyed, crops destroyed, livestock killed and people lost everything. Two killed, one missing and scores of people injured – and the season has barely started. Fire Crews from our neighbours, Victoria and New South Wales, came over to help bring the fire under control.


  1. He’s already giving you the look! How great is that?

    Oddly, I’ve heard nothing about your fires. We had a pretty mild one last summer, but because of the rain we’re getting now, I have a feeling next summer we won’t be so lucky.


    1. Yes this was a really bad one and had a 250 klm fire front. Caused a lot of damage and it took the extra fire crews from inter-state to help bring it under control. Today – same weather conditions – 35C with a strong North wind – fire crews are on alert.


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