If you hate Windows 10, clap your hands!!

Two things this morning 1st is that Benji and I went back to our original walking route and covered the necessary steps and the 2nd thing is that the landscape people came this morning and cleared the  whole of the front and graded the area. Now that all the bark and the weeds with it, as well as the  horrible plants (which I had nothing to do with) are gone, the place looks much  cleaner. However, now that it’s back to bare earth, I’ll have to go out and throw a spray of water about the place to keep the dust down. When I get back from Adelaide on Monday I’ll get weed matting cover the area in that and put down 20mm river stone across the area. I may very well get two half  barrels – one at each end and use them to plant flowers. If I get the boys to help me move some  very heavy stone for the bottom and between that and the potting mix it should be too heavy for anyone to move.

John and I did go down to Adelaide and we both got things we wanted. Since we came back, however, the weather has taken a turn for the worse and we have had lots of rain and high wind. Even as I am writing this- it’s chucking it down outside. We just got back in from our morning walk and down it came. We were lucky.

Much of the work I had completed in the back garden is ruined because I had been relying on ” normal”  summer weather and made no  attempt to fully protect the floor boards I had laid down for the flooring.  My next thing was to install the overhead roofing but  only after the boarding had been completed and I had a stable platform for the ladder to rest on. This weather is not generally expected at this time of year. Yes I did cover the work in tarpaulin but the high wind saw to that and the rain did the rest. I took Benji out walking last night and I really don’t know who was the crazier – him for wanting to go out in the rain or me for grabbing a brolly and taking him.

Serious flooding all around us – Port Lincoln has had serious flooding and roads in the far north of the state have been cut off; Adelaide has had serious flooding  and the roof of a supermarket collapsed with the weight of the water. Welcome to summer…

At the moment the internet is the only thing that is working on my computer – everything else has crashed. The new Office 2016 has major problems and has been crashing , which is good because it joins the crashing of the bug infested Windows 10. Printers are no longer working and can’t be reinstalled because they are now not compatible with Windows 10. At the moment I am using an Apple Laptop but the files that I need are on the PC and I can’t get at them, so I telephoned the Clerk and asked him if he woud be good enough to have all the papers printed for me for the meeting on Saturday.  Not a problem.   I don’t know what to do at the moment, whether I should wait things out until Microsoft get their act together and get these problems sorted out  or abandon the PC altogether and go over to the dark side – Apple-iMac.

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