The Big Adventure.

Ok, that’s the second run to Adelaide over now we just have the  five day trip to Melbourne and back. I am so looking forward to the Tattoo. In nearly 65 years the Edinburgh Military Tattoo has only moved out of Edinburgh four times and three of these time have been to Australia. I have never been to the Australian event – this will be a first time. We are, as I said earlier, going via the

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Great Ocean road. Our first run on Friday will be from here to Mount Gambier. The boys will do in one run what I generally take two to do – overall about  1000klms. But then as Herself suggests, there is nearly 30 years of a difference   :o)

At the moment Windows 10 is still causing me heartache. I  spent some time with a Microsoft Guru who was very helpful and  finally got  Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point and Publisher all working – fantastic.  Still have problems in that the start/menu button is still not working on windows 10 and I cannot access the apps – which means that although these programs are working I can’t quite get to them because I can’t get into the applications folder – grrrr… Not only that, my computer refuses to recognise my printer – they wont talk to each other.  I am not altogether sure why but I seem to spend a lot of time these days  humming Trini Lopez   (If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning) It is definitely  a true saying “To err is human – but to really stuff up you need a computer”

Benji got a severe talking to the other day as I tried very nicely to impress on him that wakening up and pouncing on a sleeping form at 04:20 does not a happy daddy make.  :o) Must have worked


because the last two mornings I have slept until 6am –  thank you BJ.  This five days away to Melbourne is going to be fun. The poor dog went gaga when I came home from Adelaide and that was only overnight — how is he going to be after five days? This will be the longest time I have been away from him since he was rescued and brought home. The longest I have been away from him was two days and Herself tells me he just sulked in his bed only coming out to go out and to eat. Yes, of course I will miss him.

I am looking forward to the Tattoo and some shopping afterwards. We set back to home on Monday – overnight in Adelaide and home sometime on Tuesday morning.  Herself has also been having problems with her computer but rather than upgrade ( it is an old computer) so when we get to Adelaide we are going to have a look around and see what we can find.

Anyway we leave in two hours so I had better start getting showered and things ready. I am taking the camera (of course) and the laptop with me and we’ll see how we go.

5 thoughts on “The Big Adventure.

    1. I think because we had a visitor staying with us overnight and he was wanting to remind me who was top dog. He went back to normal after the other dog left, so I don’t suppose I really did anything. As for freezing – yesterday it was chucking it down and he still wanted to go out —- not that I did. I’m not quite that silly.

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  1. Sorry you’re having technology issues. I loved the updated adage ‘to err is human…’ So perfect, so very true. Our pups can get into a off kilter rhythm that totally flummoxes me-must be bio-rhythms or sunspots or some other inexplicable phenom. Hope you enjoy the outing and have a blast!


    1. Thank you – we did have a blast and the Tattoo was fantastic – not the same kind of atmosphere that I remember from Edinburgh itself – but really good none the less. However the Military Tattoo was really only one part – certainly the major part – of the five day trip. Needs to sit down for a while.

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