OK. I know this will seem like a silly / odd thing to ask. Has anyone sent me a parcel? I have had an email from the parcel delivery service to state that they have tried to derliver a package to me over the last few days and if I do not respond within 24 hours, it will be sent back to the person who sent it. To my knowledge I have not ordered anything so it’s a puzzle. If you have not just ingore this, but it you have, please let me know because tomorrow is a public holiday here and I will have to get to the depot on Tuesday if I can.




Thank you.

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  1. it wasnt me :o) but welcome to the club. my granny got a book via amazon and we have no clue who ordered the book for her. she called amazon but they said they aren’t allowed to share datas :o( it’s a book about anger management, maybe their tax office sent it?

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