The line in the sand is here!

Finally, we have a government. As expected the government has claimed victory in the election with the opposition conceding defeat. It has been a very tight election with a rise in the major voting stats for the  minor/independent parties. I think part of the message is simply that the people in general are fed up with the constant sniping and point scoring that goes on in Parliament between the two major parties. I sometimes think they forget that they are there to run the country not waste time scoring points off each other. If they don’t learn this lesson then we are going to get a lot of close elections and hung parliament with the independents demanding greater and greater concessions. What we really do not need at this stage is “Meet the New Boss – same as the Old Boss!”

The race is on for a new Mayor to replace Jim Pollock who died recently.  People are looking to elect a retired member of the State Parliament as Mayor, which I am totally against. All the years she was there she was led around by the Adelaide Boys Club. She was made Speaker then stood aside so one of the Adelaide Boys Club could have the job instead.  I honestly believe she would be a disaster since she would simply do and speak as North Terrace told her to . I do not believe she would  be an independent Mayor and more than anything we need an independent Mayor not a party hack.

Just over a week now and the army will be gone. It has been interesting having them here and it has been fun doing the catering for them. Yes, they do have their own catering but they  wanted a number of “Not for Profit” groups to do catering so that they could inject funds into the local community and whatever supplies they did need, they purchased locally.

Adelaide is being battered by wild weather with more predicted tonight. This front is passing below us but I expect we will get a bit of the rain and some wind. — This is what happened. We did get some rain and some wind but nothing to really write home about. Adelaide took another battering with snow on the Adelaide Hills as far down as Handorf.

Andrew is heading down to Adelaide on Sunday afternoon for a meeting early Monday morning. I’ll get home from church, get changed and he will pick me up just after noon. He can go off to his meeting on Monday and I’ll get into the Apple Shop in Rundle Mall and either see about getting something done with my laptop or if it has reached the end of its life and cannot be upgraded,  think about a emplacement. My current laptop is at least two upgrades behind and I don’t know why it wont upgrade.  If it is a  replacement I’ll probably look at the MacBook Pro again.

Today I left the room. I could not watch the news. I know what has happened but I could not watch nor listen to it. I cried and found everything overwhelming as the tears ran down my face. I wept for the horror, I wept for the loss, I wept for France. The tears of sorrow gave way to feelings of anger together with my feelings for Angela Merkel – so better to leave it here rather than say something I may regret.

3 thoughts on “The line in the sand is here!

  1. Sam and I share your thoughts on the seemingly world-wide issue of government in a day of polarizing politics. We will be hopeful the majority gets it right this time. We are heartsick at the latest attack and continually ask ourselves why all this madness? 💔


  2. Why all this madness? I believe it is because there are elements within the human race that fear the advance of modern society. They look upon education and progress as a threat to their stone age way of life – it threatens the control they have over a captive people. What you cannot control; what you cannot embrace, you destroy and if you reduce everything around you to rubble – better to control over rubble than not control at all. Very simplistic but as I keep telling people “I am a bear of very little brain and long words confuse me.”


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