Elections and 4th July

Well the rain finally stopped and although it’s been dry it has been cold. How cold? well an escaped prisoner in New South Wales telephoned the police, told them where he was and asked them to come and collect him and take him back to prison because he was freezing cold and worried about hypothermia. Of course, it does not ever get that cold in South Australia – at worst about 2c overnight and about 11c during the day,which is quite cold enough for me. It has rained a little bit – nothing quite exciting, but wet enough to soak the ground to a slight mud area. There’s really not a lot I can do about this at the moment. I really need a few days of completely dry weather to be able to work in the area.

We can see you!!
We can see you!!

The largest military exercise ( Operation Hamel) in South Australian history and one of the largest ever staged in Australia has started with almost 10,000 military taking part. The fictional Country of Cultania  is under attack by heavily armed terrorists and the Government of East Cultania have asked for assistance.  A task force of  Australian, New Zealand, British and American troops  are currently evacuating expats and other nationals to the now military secured Whyalla Airport. I believe 5 RAR have moved into the city center and more evacuations are underway. Annoying that the main camp at Jubilee Park and the Airport are not to far away, but the most I have ever seen was the  troops and equipment at the “Show and Tell” last Friday. I have not even seen any of their patrols day or night. Of course  the exercise has really only started and it will go on for a while yet.

So sorry to hear that a freak major storm seems to have paid a visit to the area around Denver Colorado. Not fun for poor Sam and some damage to the roof of the house – which is a worry. I think our wild weather has passed for the time being. Probably just as well or we would have a lot of soggy soldiers.   As I have said before, really serious storm are a rarity here. Generally storms pass above us and head into New South Wales, or below us and go visit Victoria. Now we seem to have settled down to our normal winter – cold to colder and dry.

Friend said the other day that he was all electioned out and he would be glad when this election is over. Well, it’s not over and wont be for a while yet

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday USA

We are starting to look like Italy  and some of the other European countries with a multiplicity of political parties. Everybody wants to have their own political party and we are getting to the stage where neither of the major parties can govern without making deals for support from  independents. The Senate paper with all the independents looked very much like a Ancient Scroll  rolled up at the ends. I’m convinced half of them are  British Monster Raving Loony Party ( real registered party – honestly) in disguise. I don’t know why we don’t have a “Destabilize the Governance of the Nation”Party  According to  what I can find,  there are 57 “Parties” that contested this election. Hey I just figured it out – we’re a Heinz Country –  57 Varieties. However, not all of these parties or groups are contesting in every state. Some are purely state based but the fact remains that  taking so many votes has ensured that we have a hung parliament for the second time in six years and more chaos and possibly an early election. Wheeling and dealing and souls being sold for a financial advantage – irrespective of what excuse they give for accepting. What – me  Cynical? Never.

What will happen – whoever wins – is that we will have three years of no government. Well, yes we will have a government in name but a government unable to get any of its legislation through – a government that will run in the name of its political party but not a government that can function  for the benefit of the nation – a government that will be at the mercy of independents,who could change at any time. There are still seats that are not yet declared and at the moment the government party is ahead, but that will still not give them enough seats to govern in their own right. There are still over two million votes to be yet counted.  Interesting times…

PS: All the pundits are predicting that we will have a new election within 12 months.

7 thoughts on “Elections and 4th July

  1. Hi John, we’re ok and will be fine. The roof can have new shingles put on it; we’re waiting to see what the insurance company says, and I’m sure the garden will recover and will probably begin to see signs of recovery in the next several weeks so all is not lost. As for politics, trust me, as someone whose country operates under a so-called two party system, it’s not much better here. Fighting, obstruction, down right lies and nastiness…it sounds like the same everywhere. It’s a wonder the lights get turned on and off every day with all this nonsense. Things could be worse. :( Congratulate yourself that Australia doesn’t have a Trump candidate.

    Hopefully your weather will dry out enough for you to get your garden area all squared away. We’ll keep our fingers and paws crossed for you in that regard as well as on the political front. Cheers. ღ


    1. At the moment the Federal Police are investigating what was a downright lie and disgraceful campaign that may well have altered the outcome of the election. And I understand why so many people voted for the minor parties and the independents, -because they were sick and tired of the major parties who spend almost as much time taking cheap political shots at each other than they do in running the country. Britain. The USA and Australia – we are all in strife.

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      1. Glad the damage is not as bad as feared and it’s new shingles, although that’s bad enough. Yes the garden will recover and I hope Sam is well.


  2. After the whole Brexit nonsense over here I am more than politicsed (I know that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway haha!) out, so I can imagine it must be the same for all you guys… The story about the escaped convict is brilliant though! I haven’t forgotten about the links for the camera, The Bloke is getting some together for you!


    1. Yes we thought it hilarious when we heard it on the news. The wheeling and dealing continues so it wont be over for some time.


      1. It’s bitten a lot of people on the ass who thought they would vote to leave as a way of voting their displeasure with the government… lots of people are now backpeddling because there is already talk of funding being cut…


      2. Yes I think that’s pretty much the same here that people voted for the minor one person parties because they were sick of the political point scoring of the major parties. However, it’s a protest that has gotten out of hand and will cost us dearly.


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