Hospital, Benji and assorted hackers

The dog fountain at the wetlands
The dog fountain at the wetlands

The weather over the last few days has been fairly mild – 19c – 21c which means that I have been able to get down to the wetlands. We  normally do two circuits of the wetlands before we head for home. The foundations of the new bridge across the main pond have been constructed and if the foundations are anything to go by the bridge may well be unnecessarily elaborate and enormously expensive. But then again perhaps the two concrete structures are for something different and not for the bridge at all.  Photographs when it’s finally built.   Anyway, the wetlands was fairly quiet today.

I have been waiting for it to happen and today it did – Benji turned on the WaWa and she went screaming  off in fright. Since then she has stayed away from him. I don’t want harm to come to either of them but I hope this stand off continues for a while. The WaWa has adopted Annabell and she just sees everyone as a potential threat to her and it is unlikely that she will abandon that. This means that the respite is probably only a  temporary thing.

Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide

I will be going into hospital on Monday 29th August and back home by Wednesday 31st August. Probably spend a few days with my feet up and relaxing, do a few exercises and then start to get back out again. I should be driving within three days. I just don’t know how I’ll manage! Me and  Benji, dinosaurs and lions, lying on the bed watching the television. It will be a hard couple of days,  but we will certainly try our best. I will be taking a break from all fundraising and other work for the RFDS for a few weeks until  the repairs to my knee have settled down and I’m walking easily again.

It’s amazing ;  a mere 19 million people trying to get on to the web site and it crashed – how unexpected!  Who would have thought that would happen? Now the Government are blaming the crash of the Census Web Site on over-seas hackers. But it’s like everything else this government does to save a few dollars.  Go murder someone, plead guilty and you can get up to a 40% reduction in sentence for pleading guilty and saving the government the cost of a trial. And this, by the way, overrides the mandatory life sentence for murder and if you look contrite and even cry and say how sorry you are, there is every chance that a good part of your sentence will be  suspended – you might even be home in time for dinner.  It used to be that you could be fined for making comments that would bring the law into disrepute, but the judges and lawyers are doing a very good job of that on their own without any assistance from members of the public. Man found guilty of abusing an elderly patient in a nursing home. Judge did not  apply a  heavy custodial sentence because  he felt the young man had been punished enough by having his details in public and having lost his job and reputation, so he sentenced him to six months – five months suspended and the remainder

RFDS Aircraft
RFDS Aircraft

subject to time served in custody, so he was about ten days to two weeks in jail. This is justice, South Australia. The Attorney General has the legal right to challenge a sentence, but rarely does,  and even when he does, nothing much comes of it.

Anyway, back to the census – it is believed that hackers disrupted the web site and denied access. Was unable to get on line last night nor again this morning (Wednesday) The whole thing was a shamble. Whoever came up with the idea of trying to get the entire population of Australia on line in the one night and on a single web site, really needs talking to.  Oh and BTW, we have a government with a single seat majority  – could be an interesting period. The leader of the party and Primer Minister,  is detested by a number of his party so it remains to be seen if they can get over that or if their dislike is so great they will bring down the government. I’m betting on the latter.

4 thoughts on “Hospital, Benji and assorted hackers

  1. this judges decision makes me sad… often the culprits get more attention than the victims… it’s same here :o((( we cross our paws for the hospital-appointment, hope efurrythings goes well…. and we sure how that the war-wa-wa will stay away from Benji… so mayb to ignore each other is a solution… not the best but one without pains and blood…


    1. Unfortunately it was merely a temporary relief and she’s back to snapping at him again – sigh… But he’s with me most of the time and I look after him. Sadly it is the world we live in where the rights of the criminal would appear to be more important than the rights of the victim

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  2. It’s good Benji finally had enough of the WaWa…hopefully she will stop being such a pill toward him and hopefully not become even more attached to Annabell. Justice is a funny concept, having worked in the legal biz in the US for 40 years, too often justice is just a side note. It’s a sad commentary on life. Best of luck with your procedure and hope all goes well and recovery is a breeze. 😀


  3. Indeed there does not seem to be a lot of relationship between the concept of Justice and the Application of Law in a court-room, but our judges are notorious for their lenient sentencing. I think it’s the “Suspended Sentence” capital of Australia. I have no real concern with the procedure and it will be nice – post-op – to be able to walk freely. Annabell has insisted that I take the collapsible stick to Adelaide with me and I will. However, the chances of it coming out of the car are fairly remote.


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