Thursday Thoughts

I was not going to do another post until  I got back from Adelaide. I leave in the morning and will be out of touch for a few days. However, it’s a grand old day – the wind is blowing fit to burst and I sit here with the very loud sound of chainsaws in my ears.  The  house next door has had two of the gum trees blows down over the footpath so they are presently being cut up. Meanwhile – as the wind blows – today is bin day – recycle bins – do I need to elaborate. It was not blowing when the bins were put out last night and there is rubbish blowing all over the street – mainly papers and wrappings because it’s the recycle bins and they are the lightest. Not a great day   :o) And just before I close – it’s chucking it down ( Sorry (Denver!!)

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I hate this days when we have to play tag with the garbage on the street… the worst is that the giant public bin is next to our garage, so we have more of that garbage days uuuuuh :o)

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      1. we have big trash containers here were all people have to dump their garbage, they are way too small for all the garbage, so the most of the trash lands next to the container or in front of our garage. a feast for feral cats or for foxes who damage the garbage bags and spread all the yucky stuff over our property :o(


      2. Each household has three personal bins – Green Top. Red Top , Yellow Top. Red is for general household rubbish and is emptied weekly by the bin men who come around in a big truck. The Green Top is Garden waste and Yellow is recycling, cans bottles,paper etc. The red is emptied every week and there are alternate weeks for green and yellow – one week red and green the next week red and yellow. The trick is to remember which week is which :o)


  2. The wind does seem to blow here far more than it used to…sigh. Some days when I don’t pick up burger wrappers or Starbucks cups along the fence line, they’ll be gone the next day having been blown somewhere down the next block. Have a safe trip to Adelaide and in the meantime, batten down the hatches. ;)

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  3. We are finding the same thing – it is a lot more windy than it used to be – summer and winter and we are having a lot more rain than we have had for a very long time. I managed to pick up most of the rubbish before I left for Adelaide. Just home for two days and back down again.


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