Stormy Weather. Welcome to Spring

I just knew it would be elaborate.
I just knew it would be elaborate.

On the way back from hospital this afternoon I pulled in to the Wetlands to see how the bridge was going. Glad to say that the bridge is now in place but there is a lot of work to be done on the “Approach Roads” on either side. I still think the Forth Bridge was built faster.  This could take a while because of the other news. Things are going from badder to worser !! In the wee small hours of the morning, when the whole wide world was fast asleep, some people  broke into and raided the Council Depot making off with a large quantity of steel.  ** stop laughing, this is serious** According to the newspaper report they – whoever ‘they’are – helped themselves to a quantity of steel valued at over $3500. I didn’t know we were so short of steel around here that we have to resort to lifting it from the Council Depot. I can think of many things that one could steal if one was that way inclined, but steel would not figure in that list, but then  who knows why people steal things.

I am progressing fairly well and although there seems to be some bruising that has developed in the upper thigh area,  I expect that’s fairly

Setting up the "Approach Roads"at the new bridge
Setting up the “Approach Roads”at the new bridge

dsc01947 normal given the nature of the operation.  I am able to move a lot easier now and I have actually been out driving with the Benji. Cannot take him out walking quite yet but I can have him in the car with me and he’s happy with that. He likes being in the car – which is just as well at the moment.  The difficulty is not driving, the difficulty is getting in and out of the car  :o) I went down to the church today and helped a little with the Annual Fete. Couldn’t do very much but did what I could and sat down a lot.

I went for my follow up visit to the surgeon this afternoon and he is pleased that everything seems to be progressing well. There will be some residual pain for a while but in about 4-5 weeks it should have

Somewhere, underneath this is a WaWa
Somewhere, underneath this is a WaWa

cleared completely. I am walking a lot better than I was a week ago and the bruising I was told came from the tourniquet  that was used on my upper leg. Other than that, it’s all good. I am just so very disappointed that the garden has been neglected for a while,  but once I am active again I will soon bring it back under control and get on with the work I was doing. Apart from which it has been raining a lot this past week or so. Adelaide coped a bashing and  took a month worth of rain practically overnight. There is damage and widespread flooding in and around the city. I understand Victoria, or parts of that State anyway,  is also taking a bit of a beating, and once this front is clear there is another not far behind it. Welcome to Spring!!  What you see here is the damage to one of the major roads through the Adelaide Hills and this is going to be out for several months.  We are untouched. I think this system went below us hitting us with  heavy rain that our storm drains were able to cope with. I understand there are flood warnings for areas of

Montacute Road, Adelaide
Montacute Road, Adelaide

Victoria, Bendigo, Ballarat and several other places. I hope Bev and the Doc are ok.


5 thoughts on “Stormy Weather. Welcome to Spring

  1. It#s great to hear good news from the health front :o) I saw the pictures of all this water in Oz at FB … I hope so much that it will be not a bad spring with damage and sorrows for Oz this year…


  2. John thankyou so much we are fine here but boy that rain! We have an overflowing dam..filled what was a 6 foot drop to waterline to being up and over! We live on a hill but the creek which normally is just dry burst it’s banks broke a footbridge and went crazy..the Castlemaine botanical gardens is a no go for walkies as it went under..i am so glad your health is on the improve and apologise for lack of blogging..Doc has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure which has hit us while down..he and i have our meds in the morning and both wait 30 minutes for brekky..i guess aging is for the birds ! Stay safe as we expect another deluge next week..ugh :)

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    1. We have no natural water around here so nothing to burst its banks or flood. Because of our location storms either pass above us or pass below us and all we get is a sideswipe of rain and some wind. Nothing like it hit Adelaide with. Another storm front building up and more rain tomorrow.


  3. Sorry I’m behind on blog reading but was delighted that your health is improving and you are on your way to full recovery. Keep up the good work. Yipes, sorry about the flooding and theft. I’ve heard you’re never supposed to ask, “What could possibly happen next?!” because apparently, something else follows. Here’s hoping things improve all around, you guys stay dry and safe and regale us with stories about sweet Benji and your road trips.


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