Adelaide, Bunnings and a Strange Experience..

Me and some of my toys
Me and some of my toys

I did a little bit of work in the garden yesterday, and also did a lot of sitting down but I am starting to get moving . Just take it in easy stages.  It was nice yesterday morning but by 2 pm it was  dull, overcast and chucking it down again. It’s not the best start to spring that I can remember. Not much in the way of rain for Adelaide for a day or so – then the next front rolls in. However, not so great looking for Victoria and parts of NSW. Took Benji out for a walk the other evening – after it got dark – not a long walk nor a quick one, just a slow walk to the end of the road and back. How very odd – for some reason I must have pressed the publish button and published the first paragraph of this post  – I must be cracking up. I think it must be all this rain that has waterlogged my brain  :o)

As I said, I managed to do a little bit of work in the garden before the rain started – not a lot and I did sit down a fair bit, but I did something – which is good. I am also heading off to Adelaide this week. My son has three days off work so he wants to go to Adelaide and has asked me to come down with him. Bit of a break and he will do most of the

No Offense intended
No Offense intended

driving. This comes at a good time because I wanted to go to Bunnings Garden Center and look for Mandevilla Climbers. I saw them in a booklet and liked the colours so I thought I might try them here. I think our local garden center has some but only in the one colour and I would like an assortment of different colours. Depends if we have time or not.  A week or so ago, on another site I follow there was a small discussion on doctor’s handwriting and the difficulty at times of reading it. Not  very long afterwards I came across this cartoon whilst I was looking for something else. It appealed to my warped sense of humour. I hope she ( the doctor) is not offended.

It has been bucketing down off and on here for most of the day and according to the news we had about 13mm of rain. Fortunately it looks as if it will be dry for the drive to Adelaide.

It was mainly dry. We did run into a rain band not too far from Port Pirie. That lasted for a bit then it was clear all the way to  Marlston in Adelaide.  John did most of the driving down and after changing over at Bolivar,  I did the driving in town. John  attended to his business and I went to Bunnings at a place called Mile End. I got the garden lights that I wanted. I was told that it is too early for Mandevilla – next month is better.  I really don’t know what happened after that but I felt a  that very strange pulling sensation and next thing I knew I was in the Pet Barn and these Dinosaurs were calling to me. There were three and I felt that it would be so wrong to take two and leave one poor dinosaur all on his own with no one to love. Next thing I knew I was back in the car with a bag with three dinosaurs in it and only a vague recollection of how they got there. I know, you probably don’t believe me – – interestingly enough, neither did Annabell.   Well….. I don’t think I dog can have too many toys..


4 thoughts on “Adelaide, Bunnings and a Strange Experience..

  1. efurry dog needs some dinosaurs, the more the merrier, but have an eye on this guys they are always hungry :O) I wish we would have a little bit of your rain, we really could need it… all the summer- and fall flowers look like goners here :o(


    1. We have been told to expect a hot summer, but thus far all it’s done is rain with South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales all experiencing flooding and if I could swap you some of our rain for some of your sun, I surely would, Easy.


  2. Any rain you don’t send to France or need in Australia would be most welcomed in Denver. I can’t remember the last time we had rain and the winter is expected to have less than normal precipitation. Just what we don’t need. *Sigh*
    P.S. Thrilled to hear you were working in the garden-good for you!


    1. There is talk that in parts of Australia this the most rain and the worst flooding since 1906- when records first began – and it’s not over yet with a major storm predicted for this week. At the moment in NSW the Lachlan River has peaked at 10.7 mtrs. with much of the area under water. This is a major farming area – major stock losses and crop losses expected. I don’t know what’s happening in Victoria.

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