A week after the storm —-Warning Photograph Heavy..

dsc01982 dsc01983 dsc01984 dsc01985Friday:

Was a near perfect spring day here. Bit of wind but 33c – warm and sunny. That being so I decided that it was time. Got into the car with the Benji and we drove out to the wetlands. I did a circuit of the main pond then did a half circuit and used the new bridge to cut back to the car. I pushed but I didn’t want to push too much. It was slow in places and I rested a little AND thank goodness for drinking fountains for humans and animals. I did not take the cane with me even although it was suggested by certain people that I should. As far as I am concerned, it has served its purpose and will now go quietly into a corner and stay there.

On Monday afternoon I have to go to the hospital for an Echocardiograph  Last time I had one of these done I had to travel down to Adelaide to the Flinders Medical Center. Yes we have all the equipment here – we just don’t have the professional people to operate it. Why am I having this done – well the simple answer is that it has been a year since it was last done and my Cardiologist likes his tests. I go see him in three weeks and one hour before the appointment, I go for an ECG – ho yes, he likes his tests  :o)


There were more things going on up in the grass so that’s where most people were at the time. The Whyalla Players are  rehearsing  “Mary Poppins” and they asked  people  to turn up today with an umbrella and they would take a series of photographs as a promoting thing. That’s why I was down there – no I am not from the players, just an interested citizen with an umbrella.

I didn’t have Benji with me. Only 29c but too warm to leave him in the car – even with the windows cracked open. Was different yesterday – we were out walking and driving with the A/c on.


From Hummock Hill.
From Hummock Hill.



2 thoughts on “A week after the storm —-Warning Photograph Heavy..

  1. Love hearing you’re up and about all over the place. Well done, John! P.S. Sounds like loverly weather, and definitely lovely pics, too. Happy weekend. Give the ‘boy’ an extra ear scratch from me.


    1. Yes it has been a lovely few days – back to high winds and rain again. At least it will be warm, sunny and dry for the drive to and from Adelaide this week.

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