Looking Back – Looking Forward

New Planner/Binder
New Planner/Binder (2015/6)

For more years than I care to remember I have used ring planners. For a period I went through the Palm Pilot craze but in the end I came back to paper and ringed planners – mainly Filofax. Of course my planners did not survive the move from Scotland to South Australia being limited in what we could bring (weight) However,  like much of our things they were packed in Tea Chests and stored in my Father-in-law’s cellar. The idea was that once we were settled we have the teachests sealed and shipped out to South Australia. Sadly after we had been here a few months and were starting to settle down,  my in-laws house was broken into and most of the things from the cellar were destroyed or stolen, that also included all my photography equipment and the photograph

albums. The photographs were of no use or importance so we suspect they were dumped in the  nearest safe trash bin. Very little of the crystal and none of the silver we had been given as gifts remained. None of my  planners remained. The thing that upset us the
most was not the glass or silver or photograph equipment, but rather the photographs themselves. We have no photographs of the
boys as babies or little children other than what we have  taken in Australia. Before we left Scotland Annabell and I took the boys all over the country and took photographs of them at various places, Fort William, Loch Ness, Stirling Castle, Edinburgh Castle and Mons Meg, Sweetheart Abbey, Jedburgh Abbey, St. Giles Cathedral, Elgin Cathedral,
scandaDornoch Cathedral and Dunblane Cathedral, Paisley Abbey and Dunfermline Abbey,  Bannockburn and Robert Bruce, Duart Castle, Loch Earn, The Rannoch Moor, Glencoe and, of course, Glasgow Cathedral and other places too numerous to mention.   Photograph of Annabell’s family and my family – all gone.

Here in Australia the Palm Pilot was the thing so I went through a Palm Pilot phase and I think I still have a couple hanging around somewhere. But I tired of that and went back to  Ring Binders again. I have been there ever since. Generally I used a Filofax and did so up until a few years ago when I  started to use  an Organizer from a Dutch company called Van der Spek. Generally I change my Organizers/Planners every two years and I have just ordered my third  Van der Spek and for the very first time ever, I have chosen something that is neither black nor brown. I have chosen a colour called  French Blue. People thought I was being silly when I asked what colour/shade French Blue is as there are so many shades of Blue. All I got in reply was “Blue” which didn’t really help.  It should be here in a few weeks and I am anxious to see what it looks

Been a long day. Need rest!
Been a long day. Need rest!


This time last year I had great hopes for the coming 2016. I had lost both Chienne and The Man and there was still much sadness there but there was Benji and I looked forward to life with him.  I  suspect one day I will get out of the habit of referring to him sometimes as Chienne. There has been much sadness in 2016 but there has also been joy and I will see the year go with mixed feelings. My one shining light has been Benji – as it should be. I have lost friends this year, some fur-friends, some human friends, some who have passed and some I have just lost and they are the saddest of all. But I have also found new friends and that helps with the sadness of loss.  Again I look forward to the coming year and hope that 2017 will be a better year, but like all years there will be a mixture of joy and sadness, laughter and tears,  but we need them both, one to balance the other,  and all we can really hope for is that the joy will be more than the sadness and the laughter greater than the tears.

I have no doubt that there will be other posts between now and the end of the year, but for now, I want to say thank you to all of you for being here and for your lovely comments and conversations. I hope we can share 2017 together.

6 thoughts on “Looking Back – Looking Forward

  1. I mostly use my phone for all this things, but I still have a common planner. It was a super hard year for us and it feels like 2016 was the worst year ever. But it is not over and maybe… just maybe some good things will happen too, I still believe… it’s important or this year would be out of balance. Thanks for being a friend.


    1. Thank you, it has not been the best year for many of us and I agree there is still time for some good things to happen before the end of the year to help to balance things out. Take care and believe, always believe…


  2. My planner is usually found years end..empty ! I am a shocking note writer.. notepad for everything..it ends up like a dogs brekky..i hope the year has some good to come..our daughters wedding was beautiful and to see her so happy and so in love..a real highlight! So sending some positive vibes your way also !


  3. Sadly 2016 is not finished yet and I will either end the year with a funeral or start the year with a funeral. It’s not unexpected – only the timing is. Thank you for the positive vibes. My son’s partner is pregnant so that’s good.


  4. We are looking forward to changing the calendar to 2017, physically as well as mentally and emotionally. 2016 has been way too dreadful and hope 2017 holds promise and joy. P.S. Although I do keep my life on my iPhone with calendar and other info, I do love a good paper desk calendar and just picked mine up. There’s something comforting about going back and seeing notes, appointments, birthdates, etc. So very sorry about the loss of your photo library. My sister’s house burned destroying all her’s so I know how that saddens you especially when kids are involved. All of us siblings joined sharing the photos we had of their growing up so there was at least some comfort with a few replacement pics. Best wishes for a better 2017.


    1. There is more to my planner than my use – if people get stuck and unable to remember something – even from a few years ago- they ask me because they know I will have a record of it, particularly if it is a church thing. I am glad you use paper. I don’t have an iPhone – being (for all my sins) a Samsung person. There has been good and bad in 2016 and sometimes I think more one than the other and I will not be unhappy to see the end of 2016.

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