The Sands of Time

The WaWa
The WaWa

April – a month that will live in infamy  – well not quite. After all some wonderful people were born in April – like me for example. However, April was when we acquired the WaWa, or rather, when we (I) agreed to look after the WaWa for a limited period. It’s almost January – nine months later –  and she’s still here. We have not heard a word from Sooha since she went back to South Korea. We have written to her and sent emails to the address she gave – all of which have bounced back. I do not know what we are going to do. WaWa is a playful, friendly and loyal little thing and  now that I have made contact with the new vet I will talk to her and see what we can do with regard to her attacking Benji and whether a .oo soft muzzle will help – at least it will stop her nipping at his back legs. And I really can’t understand this- I mean it has been eight months. I would really have thought that things would have settled down by now and she would have gotten used to Benji being around. Jealousness continues to be the main problem   She can be a real pain in the tuchus, but she has to stay – anything else, however well meaning , would be unconscionably cruel. I have no regrets about taking her –  I am being honest when I say she is a lovely dog, friendly, playful, loyal – I just wish we could sort out her jealous attacks on Benji and stop her barking at the least little shadow.

Aside from dogs, 2017 will be a year of change – changes that will be generated by me. There are some things I have let slide and I intend to change them. However, as the Rachel Hunter add

Mandevillia ( not mine - sadly)
Mandevillia ( not mine – sadly)

once said – “it wont happen overnight, but it will happen”. And here   I mention that  after months of pretending to be just a stick stuck in dirt (potting mix) the two Frangipani have started to grow. There are leaves and other bits sprouting – which I am very pleased about.  The four Mandevillia  are also growing well and the Poinsettia is still a vibrant Red. My Almond tree is good and I would like a Mulberry  Tree, which I will look for when I am down in Adelaide soon. This afternoon, the dogs and I, Benji and Yogi, went to the garden shop and bought new plants – two South Australian Natives and six Geraniums. I will plant them this evening when it is a bit cooler. I use raised planted beds and potting mix because my soil here is not good. When we moved here and I looked at an area with horrible black bark on it, I decided to clear it all off and turn it into a Rose Garden. I did all the things, prepared the soil, bought rose fertilizer  and spent a fortune on rose bushes at the garden shop. Every single one of them died. I tried other things and they died too. The soil, it seems had been poisoned – or sterilized – same thing really.  The White Ceder tree has taken off again, so this time I will really have it sorted out – no more being nice.

I’m still  having problems with the aftermath of the knee operation and have difficulty kneeling on the ground – or indeed kneeling at all. Still,  as a famous Australian politician once said,  “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”. And on that note it must be said that our current crop of  “fly by night” politicians are doing everything they possibly can to make certain that is how Australia will be under their watch – claw $2.5 Billion out of pensions – a crisis with Centrelink and millions $$  being demanded in repayments , which no one understands, but the good thing is a pay rise for politicians and government staff and the $2.5 Billion they ripped out of our Seniors’ Pensions should help to fund the  pensions, lurks and perks for politicians.

Sooha and Kongsoon - now called The WaWa
Sooha and Kongsoon – now called The WaWa

Since I started this, we have heard from Sooah and although she is well and still working with the Immigration  Department to achieve a return to Australia, there is no indication when that will actually happen. What this means is that the WaWa will be here for the foreseeable future. Yogi will be going home shortly as the friends return from Perth in Western Australia on Friday week and I will pick them, up from the Airport. The week after I head off to Adelaide and then Mount Gambier and  an extra-ordinary meeting. Oh come now, what’s a 1300 mile journey and three hotels for a three hour meeting between friends?  Still it gets me time to have a wander in Adelaide and I have  a pile of Bunnings Gift Cards to use and a Mulberry bush to find.

And finally – we are in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures hovering around the high  30s to the low 40s – what joy..

9 thoughts on “The Sands of Time

  1. The high today was 10. I’m sending some of our extra cooler air your way. Happy gardening. I would have given anything to be able to that today rather than spending a couple hours shoveling snow off the walks. ☃️


    1. Oooo I was watching a YouTube on shoveling snow and how this man can clear his footpath without any strain on his back. It looked fairly easy and all it took was some heavy duty string ( or very light rope) tied from above the shovel part up to the handle and use the rope to take the weight and the strain when you lift and throw. I would like to think it would work. Today’s high is 41c

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      1. I was sweating just reading your high. It’s now 7F with a low of -5F tonight. Factor in the wind chill and it’s darn freaking cold! Having shoveling for nearly ’87’ years the best way is to lift with the legs, especially when it’s a wet snow. Still it’s one of the most disagreeable chores around. :) Hoping you can stay cool.

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  2. The problem with a heatwave is that it is sometimes followed by an electrical storm, which can spark off a bushfire and the police have put out severe weather warnings for this area for the next two days. I am here with my dog and his cousin (Yogi) at my feet. It’s cool and barring a life threatening power failure, here is where I intend to stay.


  3. I hope Sooha is ok and the silence is not a sign that something bad happened…. hugs to you I hope so much that your knee will be better and you can use it more…. I dream about planting and gardening… wish I would live in Oz this time to skip the cold time :o)


    1. I have since heard that Sooha is well and working with the Immigration Dept so I could have the WaWa for longer than we expected. If we could just get her to settle down and stop attacking Benji, life would be so much easier. I don’t know, 41c – 43c is a tad on the hot side. In order to take the dogs out I go out before the sun rises and again after the sun sets.


  4. So sorry that WaWa hasn’t settled down. Have you tried a dog trainer? Good for you for hanging in there and continuing to try with her. Good luck and I hope that your friend can make it back soon and take WaWa back to her home.


    1. Yes we did think of Dog Training Classes but the problem is that they are only run on a Sunday morning and both Annabell and I are at church at the time the session is run.

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