Dogs, Beaches and Coffee Groups

Benji and the WaWa at the beach
Benji and the WaWa at the beach
The WaWa at the Beach
The WaWa at the Beach

The Second walk with the WaWa was better than the first one. This time she did take the lead.She has an extending leash  and every so often she would stop and look back as if to say “c’mon you two, keep up!”  I want to get rid of her collar and get a harness on her, 1)  it will make it easier to get a leash on her and 2) it will be more comfortable for her when we are out — and we WILL be going out. My goal is to get her into the car and get her down to the beach, but not on a weekend – too many people around. I started writing this two days ago and things have changed.  I did get her collar off and got a harness on her (and I still have all my fingers) : I did get her out and into the car  : I did get her down to the beach. I just suddenly thought that if this is what I intend to do then it should be done now. So, that’s what I did – BJ when into his front seat she was clipped in on the back seat, settled down without fuss and we drove to the beach. Once on the beach, she walked along the sand quite the thing and it was really neat to see her and Benji walk side by side. I hope this can be the start of her settling  and calming down.  In a few weeks it will be  a year since we took her in – for a few months –  and I have no idea what is happening since I never hear from  her owner.  I have sent her emails, people in the church have sent her emails, but no one has had a reply – or in some cases, the emails have just bounced back, so we really do not know what’s happening and when – or if – they are coming back. But here is an interesting thing – I posted a photograph of the WaWa on Facebook and she said that she liked the photograph, but when I responded to that – she was gone. Knowing one way or the other will determine how we proceed with what is, in essence, her dog. If it is going to end up being ours, that’s fine, but we would like  to know. Perhaps she feel bad about telling us she would be back in October and we are now almost in March of the following year and close to a year since she left the dog with us with no indication of how much longer this will continue.

In Rundle Mall
In Rundle Mall

Da Phenny:: I was wondering if your good friend  Bacon had any famous relatives in Adelaide that they felt the need to build statues of. There are several bronze sculptures in the center of the Rundle Mall.  They were moved when the Mall was being upgraded and then put back at the completion of the upgrade, but in a different area. But overall they have been there for a while and they have become a main feature of the Mall.

Starting tomorrow we head in to another heatwave, but not, however,  as bad as the last one – at least not at the moment. The highest temp. is forecast to be

You're not going out without me.. I have your shorts!!
You’re not going out without me.. I have your shorts!!

around 38c but as always this could change. Due to illness (Not us – others) Annabell has offered to host the ladies coffee group for the month of March. This means that for the whole month – two days per week, (starting tomorrow, Wednesday) I will have up to 20 ladies in the house ————Pray for me!! — And Benji..

8 thoughts on “Dogs, Beaches and Coffee Groups

  1. great news from the wawa-front… but no good news or no news from her owners… hope they are ok…
    the pigs are great and I bet they are a sign of good luck… we once got such little piggies from our bank and they really brought good luck. the bank went bankrupt after a year, but we are still there ;O)))


    1. Thank you. I hope they are ok too and it would be really nice to hear from them. Perhaps she thinks I am upset and having to take care of the dog for so long, and I wish there was some way I could tell her I am not. The good luck pigs didn’t do much for your bank o:)


    1. She appears from time to time on Facebook although she never speaks. .But everything is going reasonably well and when the weather calms down again (41c today) we will get back in the car and back to the beach.

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  2. Looks like you’re at least making progress with the Wa-Wa if not the owner. Keep up the good work. If I were a betting person, It looks like you are the owner de facto. What’s the expression…possession is 9/10th’s of the law? 😇


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