Yams, Walkies and Snow

During the course of an afternoon, Annabell will ask me if I would like a coffee – chocolate biscuit or scone. Now I know I have casually mentioned in some posts that I like scones, but in a situation like this I will choose to have a scone rather than a chocolate biscuit. You see, I can’t share a chocolate biscuit, but I can share a scone with my Associate. You have to think of these things  :o)  This afternoon, being Thursday, I did as I promised I would do, I got out the Mandoline / Mandolin slicer,   sliced the Sweet Potatoes and put the slices on two baking trays and put these in a 120c oven for three hours. After about halfway I’ll go and turn them.  I just hope, after all this, the dogs like them and they don’t end up in landfill – or I end up eating them myself.  Don’t balk – it’s sweet potato not actual dog food. If this does work, I might give the  Peanut Butter recipe a go.

Benji and the WaWa at the beach

I lift her leash and her tail goes off like a wee helicopter. Last night I put her on Annabell’s lap while I got Benji ready and she was not happy and Annabell says she was watching my every move and when I came back in with Benji on his leash she was straining to get down. Once she was down on the floor she made straight for the door, ready to go. The difference is remarkable and this morning I was sitting on the floor giving the WaWa ear and belly scratches. She is a changed little girl.

I am not altogether sure what is going on but for the last three days there have been police and police cars all around this area. There was five officers went into a house three houses away, two more officers on the street and parked outside our house was one of the police cars. I mean even if you are a law abiding citizen ( is there such a person?)  having a police car practically parked outside your door is a little bit disconcerting.  I thought of an escaped convict but that would have been all over the news and it was not a drug thing because had that been the case there would have been vans and chemical containment vehicles there and there wasn’t – so I don’t know what’s going on. I know their dogs keep escaping but that would not involve what must be half the city police force.

Yes daddy, I will sweep up – but first – The Nap..

Benji seems to have put his paw down in revolt “no more photographs with me and the WaWa”. Every time I stopped to try and take a photograph he  came quickly back and went behind my legs. He did this every single time when we were out yesterday afternoon. On Wednesday morning when the coffee ladies are here I’ll take them both down to the Foreshore and see what the beach is like and see what happens there. If the seagrass problem gets too bad, the council send in front loaders to clear if away and use it – with other stuff – for mulch.

On Sunday I had to quietly call Annabell through – there was Andrew sitting on the chair, the WaWa lying lengthwise along his lap, and he was scratching her and playing with her. When he stopped scratching her belly, she hit him with her paw until he started again. Sadly I was too stunned at what I was watching to get the camera and I was also afraid that if I moved,  it would break the moment. Unreal is a much overused word, but that’s what it was. I have taken advice and early this morning when Benji and I go for our long walk – I  decided to take the WaWa with us. She was willing and walked most of the way . I did carry her for a little bit, but mostly she did it on her own.  The photograph of

This was taken in Neilston not far from Glasgow today.

Benji – I did not set this up, he lay down beside the brush himself. This other photograph is for Denver in Colorado. It was sent to us this morning by a friend who lives in a place called Neilston,  outside Glasgow. I thought you would like and appreciate it  – and my life insurance is up to date  :o)

Update, the house mentioned is now empty and there is a notice on the gate “This property is under Security Surveillance ” same notice as the house the bank foreclosed in another part of our walk route.  It’s really quite sad and the Sacked Arrium Management has a lot to answer for – but then they have gone so they never will.

10 thoughts on “Yams, Walkies and Snow

    1. I think you are very right. Six months ago it would have been a different story, but now, — if and when her owner comes back, I will have to give her up and I will greatly miss her.

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  1. So pleased you made the sweet potato chews. I confess, I’ve eaten more than one myself. But it’s for quality control purposes, I tell the dogs. Sounds like the Wa-Wa is starting to become a happier pup rather than the obnoxious bully she was before. Hopefully Benji will take to her as much as Sam has with his little sister. I had to smile at the snow photo. It’s been ages since we had any in the city though it has been dumping in areas all around and certainly up in the mountains to the west. I do enjoy the snow, just not the hours of shoveling it or driving with crazy people who think the laws of physics don’t apply to SUV’s on ice. Happy weekend!


    1. Benji is not keen on the chews but the WaWa loves them. She has settled down but she still attacks Benji- but not from a bully aspect but from the fact that she is very jealous – I’m her daddy and he should not be on my lap. In essence, I think she is attacking him to protect me- at least that’s what it looks like and I’m not sure how to combat that. I can do all sorts of things with her now, but she is still a confusing little dog. The photograph of the snow was taken in the morning and by mid-afternoon it had all gone.

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      1. Resource guarding of humans is a tough bad habit to correct, but I’m sure you and Benji will ‘master’ it with this little tyrant. We’re keeping our fingers and paws crossed you are able to show her it’s not necessary. Elsa still sometimes will do the same if I’m not paying attention, so I keep a watchful eye on her before she lashes out which has made a huge difference. Girls…what can you do? 😇 Glad she at least likes the chews. Hopefully no finger tips were harming in the making of them.


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