Swans, Beach and a Day Trip

There are now four pairs of Black Swans at the Wetlands

Up until fairly recently there were areas that were a sort of sanctuary – Benji went there and the WaWa stayed clear. One of these areas was my bed. Benji  curled himself up at the back of my legs and slept there. However, over the last week or so the WaWa has become my BFF and she now— gasp— sleeps with me. Thus my bed is no longer a Benji Sanctuary  and if he goes up on the bed she stands and barks at him.  Oddly enough, she is quite calm sleeping close to him at night –  although she is closer to me. She still walks quietly beside him when we go out walking in the morning and at night. I know it’s old hat but still no word about if or when Sooah is coming back and this Friday it will be a year since she left Kongsoon  (WaWa) with us.  It  could be months or it could be another year, or never, we just don’t know. However the WaWa is settling down and we can do a lot with her and the coffee ladies have sort of adopted her and when I

Just a little paddle in the water.

kept her in my room, they asked for her, so I let her out and they were happy with her running around them and letting them pet her . Everyone has noticed the difference in her this last while back.

For a while there was only one pair of black swans at the wetlands. Now there are four pair and we really do hope that we will get to see some little black swans in the not to distant future. Today at the beach much of the seagrass is back but there was more than enough clear sand to be able to  play in and we even got to go into the water for a bit, although Benji is not keen and I had to coax him. Next time we go down with the intention of going into the water, I’ll take some treats with me and see what we can do. Other than that it was a great afternoon and the dogs enjoyed playing and chasing in the sand.

The view toward Port Augusta
At Woolshed Flats off the Road.

Due to lack of  aged accommodation here one of the ladies from our church has been moved to Quorn – about 80 miles ( 130 klms)  away. One of her friends  wanted to go and see her before she went home to Adelaide tomorrow, so I decided to take her. Lovely day, good drive and a fun-filled conversation.It’s not something I can do every  few days or even every week, but I will encourage people to visit her as often as we can so that she does not get depressed by feeling isolated, particularly as she has no family here in Australia.  The drive from Stirling North to Quorn is not the easiest of drives for us “Townies” with the long winding country road through the Pichi Richi Pass, and the lower Flinders Ranges,  but it’s not too bad – bit tight in places, but not too bad. The lady we went to see was bright and cheerful and seems to have settled in fairly well. She has a room at the Quorn Country Hospital and she says she is well looked after and the staff are friendly and very nice. It is a typical, single level, country hospital. It was a good visit and the only  tears were when it was time for us to leave and make our way back home. When a bed is available here she will be moved back – but she understands that this could take a while. We did a bit of shopping in Port Augusta before heading back home.

10 thoughts on “Swans, Beach and a Day Trip

  1. let me say it again… the WaWa sleeps with you…. that’s a little like a miracle, isn’t it?
    the mama fears swans like the plague since one of them tried to eat her ;o)


  2. Be wary of swans – they can be very nasty at times. My mom was a HUGE fan of birds and waterfowl and would spend hours patiently waiting for swans and geese to take bread from her hands — long before we knew bread was bad for them — but the swans often got their dander up around our dogs and Mom would have to put the dogs back in the house or shoo the swans away.


    1. Oh yes, swans – as you say – can be very nasty regardless of the colour, Lovely birds. graceful in the water, but I wouldn’t want them too close to me on land..

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  3. Glad to hear the WaWa is a bit better by sleeping with you but sad she is bullying sweet Benji from doing the same. She is a little tyrant, isn’t she? Your swans are so beautiful and that water…wow…sparkling clear! I’m with you though, never want to be around them on land. They can be quite foul (fowl) behaving. LOL


  4. The changes in the WaWa over the last month or so have been unexpected and remarkable and it could well be that the dog has made up its little mind and decided this is now her home. My problem has not changed and I am reluctant to take things too far because – technically and legally – she is not my dog. If Sooah comes back anytime soon, I don’t want to have created problems for her. But it’s been a year now and I wont procrastinate for too much longer. Having said that – one email that didn’t really tell us much in a year, is a bit slack. I have spoken to other people in the church that she was friendly with and they say the same. No communication and emails unanswered.


    1. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your kind comment. The water here is clear and safe and I’ll try and coax him in a bit deeper next time.


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