Road Trip, Benji and Baby

My Almond tree in blossom
Some Wetland Birds

I have just returned from two days in Adelaide. Conference this time was at Para Hills. The drive down was uneventful and the weather was excellent. The most frustrating part of the journey was the Main North Road and the roadworks that had the traffic banked up. Anyway, that was not so bad but I think watching snails overtake us was a bit depressing. Got cleared of that and was going well until King William Street and the roadworks outside the Festival Center, then more road works on the way to Bunnings at Parabanks. This is good because I know why there is never enough money to upgrade and repair country roads when everything is being spent in Adelaide. But as our Socialist Government keeps telling us “It’s good for South Australia” although how all this development in Adelaide and the million being spent on upgraded tram lines – in Adelaide – benefits a country town one thousand kilometers away from Adelaide in the far north of the state, is way beyond my comprehension. But then, not living in Adelaide, I don’t understand these things. But even at this conference – the first since the sale of Arrium –  and people asking me how things are in town now that Arrium is sold.  “Things will  be better and there will be more confidence in the community, you’ll be doing well now” – but what they think about is a sort of instant gratification and that’s not how it works. Many jobs were lost, those who survived had to accept 10 – 15% pay cuts, Westlands, the largest undercover  shopping area outside Adelaide still has over 30% of the shops empty and we still have over 600 houses up for sale and some of these are homes that were taken over by the banks when people could not pay their mortgage. Yes things will change, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Recovery will take time and the new owner will have to do something that helps to increase

Hello peeple..

the returning confidence, because, it is presently fragile and I believe it wont take a lot to damage it.  On 1st September there is a “Meet and Greet”rally to be held in the Ada Ryan Gardens. The RFDS will be doing the catering as part of our fundraising.  We hope to have the opportunity to meet the new owner, talk to him and have a photo opportunity.

Annabell kept telling me every time I called her that Benji was not a happy puppy. He hardly left my room except to go outside and come for his food. If the doorbell rang he would come charging through, stand looking at the door until it was open. Annabell said you could almost feel the disappointment  when he saw it wasn’t his daddy, so he turned and went back to the room. He really misses me when I am away from him. But it’s a two-way street and I miss him too.

Four Hours Old

On  2nd June of this year, our grandson (Connor Logan)  was born. I no longer feel quite as isolated from certain conversations as I did. However, it’s not all solved in that my grandson is a mere  three months old whereas most of the people in the church have grandchildren that are married, have children, or are out in the world carving out a life for themselves, some are serving in the armed forces. However, my grandson may still be a babe at his mother’s breast, but he has life ahead of him;   a world with all its new technology and wonders waiting for him to discover. In spite of the crazy people and events, the world is still an exciting and wonderful place. The chaos and events taking place in this era,  will, I believe, pass and by the time he is ready to go out into the world, it will be an even better place than it is now.

Part of the shopping center has been blocked off and a large new shop is under construction. I understand it will be a new variety store. I’m not really fussed but if it is big enough it will create employment and perhaps it will signal the  rebirth of the shopping center and fill many of the empty shops.  This is a development that I look forward to seeing.

10 thoughts on “Road Trip, Benji and Baby

  1. your grandson is a super cute little human ;o) please give Benji a big hug from me… it’s hard to wait at home till the beloved human is back ;o)
    btw: it’s good to know that our politicians always know what is good for us…..and if it is not good then it is just the new reality we have to face now ;o(((

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    1. Thank you Da Phenny and I will give Benji a hug. But it is a two way street and I do miss him when I am away. Thank you also for your comments about our new little human. I have not seen much of him since Annabell was sick and we had to stay away. She is better now so that should change.


    1. Thank you Anabel. The new owner, I believe controls much of the steel that is produced in Britain and he has a good reputation. It is a British/Indian Company. The company is GFG Alliance

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  2. Congrats on your new precious grandson (who coincidently has the same first name as my oldest grandson). We send our best greetings and wishes for a long and interesting life! And Benji looks adorable saying hello. Ear scratches for your pup!


  3. Andrew (my son) said they chose Connor Logan because they are KIeltic names – so there you are, your oldest, my youngest ( not that I have any others) Thank you for your greetings. Annabell has been unwell so we have not had the opportunity to see him much of late,, but she is better now, so that should change. Benji has been much happier since the WaWa went home. Odd, find that difficult to understand :o)


  4. Benji is adorable. I know he missed you when you were gone – sounds like he really missed you. I’ve been working a lot for the last 3 weeks and I can tell that Tippy is a little more clingy than usual. Your grandson is very handsome. Hope you get to spend more time with him soon.


    1. Thank you. I would like to take him with me, but I cannot. I do take him out to most places with me, but I can’t take him to Conferences. Annabell is much better now so we should get to see Connor a lot more now.

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