Road Trips, Lighthouse, and WaWa thoughts.

Just chillin’ Man..

For the last ten days or so I have been sick. It was brought home to me in no uncertain terms that I am not invincible and like everyone else, I can get laid down with the Flu. I have not had the Flu for a very long time and since I do eat a lot of fruit and veg – too many Oranges!! –  I figured I had built up a natural immunity. Yes, well, that clever idea went out the window. Actually, I felt so bad at one stage I thought of throwing myself out of the window, but seeing as how we don’t have a window that is more than two feel off the ground, it seemed like a wasted effort for no return – apart from which, it was raining again.

Benji has hardly been out and there have been a couple of accidents, but that’s ok, I know he has been a little  neglected due to my lack of attention, but we are almost back to normal so we can start getting out and about again. Not that he was abandoned since a lot of the time he jumped up and curled up on the bed beside me. I received notification that I have to be in Adelaide in a few weeks time and when I am down there I want to go and check out the new pet shop – well not a “pet” shop but rather a pet supply shop. It was only just opening last time I went down and I really didn’t get a lot of time to wander around but I did get a collapsible  silicon bowl that I can take with me and always have a water bowl that I can use when Benji and me are out and it’s a warm day and he needs a cool drink. I want to go back to that shop and have a good look around and see what they have in the way of accessories and toys.

The Lower Flinders Ranges from Matthew Flinders Lookout ( Arid Lands)
Warning Matthew Flinders Lookout

Tomorrow should be the Church Mini-Fete but due to illness it has had to be cancelled. I am supposed to be running a fundraising function for the Royal Flying Doctors next week, but that’s still a way off so we will see how things progress. There is no let up on this Flu Bug in South Australia.

This morning I picked up young John and we drove out to  Better Home Supplies, did some shopping for garden things and had lunch at the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens. The weather was warm and, sadly, just a tad too warm to have Benji sitting in the car whilst we went shopping – and,  of course,  no dogs allowed at the Arid Lands. It would have been a nice trip for him. If it’s a nice day tomorrow  I’ll take him for a

Benji at the lighthouse

run out to the lighthouse and then the beach.

I wanted to take him a bit further and perhaps go away for the day and to that end I  looked for “Pet Friendly” places in South Australia, particularly the Eyre Peninsula. I found one but their idea of “pet friendly”was to supply  a lockable  dog house that can be placed outside the accommodation. So, I can sit in the cool comfort of the accommodation whilst Benji stays outside in the heat in a dog kennel —— I don’t think so!!  We did take a run out to the lighthouse and had a good afternoon. Two very nice ladies approached Benji and made a fuss of him, rubs and ear scratches and, of course, he lapped it all up. They also asked a lot of questions about him. Photograph of him at the lighthouse, but he kind of tends to blend in with the surrounding stones. At least the WaWa stood out against the stones. I often wonder how the WaWa is and how she is settling in to her new environment. I miss her a bit but I do not think Benji does. I don’t even have an address for Sooah so I can’t find out. Anyway, perhaps the best thing is simply to let it go.

From the Breakwater down from the lighthouse area.

Elsa, the Ninja is celebrating her first Anniversary and we send her, Sam and the family our very best wishes.

9 thoughts on “Road Trips, Lighthouse, and WaWa thoughts.

  1. hugs to you, we hope the flu gremlin will disappear soon and it takes a long time till he comes back (best never ever). we had such an offer too… a cottage with dog house outside… that’s not my way to spend a holiday with my furkid…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. The Flu Season has been bad in South Australia this year. I was disappointed about the dog house. Our problem is that distances are so great that to do anything or go further afield than Port Augusta (160 klm round trip), really requires an overnight stay.


  2. Aww, thanks for the shout out of my little Ninja’s first Gotcha Day. I think Elsa rather enjoyed all the attention and treats and even had a couple of play sessions with big brother, Sam. He was such a good sport initiating the play tussle. Sorry the flu has hit you so hard. Not looking forward to that aspect of winter here (though I will be getting my flu shot in order to work in the hospitalin a few weeks.) Keeping my fingers crossed, illness at my age is no fun. Glad Benji is settling in to being an only fur-child again. He’s such a sweet boy and deserves all the fussing over by others. Continue to feel better and enjoy your outing to the pet supply place. Ear scratches and belly rubs for your little man. 😄


  3. Thank you. I am glad Elsa and Sam had such a good day together. As I said, the Flu Season has been bad in South Australia this year and hospitals are being pushed to capacity. First time I have been sick for a very long time. it didn’t take too long for Benji to settle back to being an only fur-child again. He’s a happy, contented boy.


  4. Ugh, flu! My sympathies. People say they have flu when they have a bad cold but it’s totally different. I’ve only had it twice and hope never to gave it again. Get (fully) well soon!


    1. It’s quiet, peaceful and out of the way. It’s a good place to wander around, but not run. The rocks are too big for that and sometimes I have had to carry Benji down over the rocks, which can he a hazard to smaller paws.

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