Wednesday again!

Annabell tells me that sometimes ( a lot of times!!) the way I say things or the way I write things, tends to annoy and irritate rather than amuse – which is what I actually intended. Perhaps it’s best I don’t comment at all. Much safer I suspect..   :o)

This is probably safe..

3 thoughts on “Wednesday again!

  1. My hubby and I say that about each other, too. And ya know what? I take my response from a 60’s cartoon elephant: “I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant faithful one hundred percent!” I’m not sure but I think it was either a Disney or a Dr. Suess elephant. Horton, maybe? Too many years ago, but I remember the line perfectly. My mother used to say my honesty would get me in trouble at times but dishonesty would always get me in even bigger trouble. So I stuck with the honesty. And I admire others who do the same, even if the truth hurts me at times.


    1. Yes I agreed with you up to a point where honesty could be detrimental to your health. I mean, how do you respond to the question “do you think this dress makes me look fat?”


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