On the road again…

I think my email box is smoking.

It’s been a very busy week between RFDS Minutes, arranging fundraising, writing up applications on behalf of the RFDS (Standard forms)  and getting them into council, mail flooding in from Mount Gambier, Church Insurance Papers from Queensland, mail from Queensland. Over and above tree branches threatening to come down, unable to get tree people to come out, and more mail from Queensland. I know “What’s this got to do with anything?” you ask, well nothing, really other than to illustrate that between all these things, the last draft, which should never have been posted, was. It was only a draft, that’s why there was no heading.  All I can say is that I must have pushed the publish button instead of the  Save Draft button. Half of this mail has nothing to do with me – it’s all  Treasurer mail that should go elsewhere, but it all gets sent to me. (long story)

The last two days have been days of high winds and the branches have remained in place. Still having difficulty getting getting anyone to come and have a look. Part of the reason that some of the tree and garden people have opted to not do this is that the new government fees and regulations make things difficult for the small operator. At the moment there is still

Not great but it gives you an idea of my daily walk at the moment

wind but it is light and not cold so the branches are quite safe for the time being. In my morning walks we see Kangaroos almost every day, but unlike Victorian Kangaroos, ours are pretty skittish. I turn a bend and there are four in front of me just standing there about 10 – 12 feet away. I slowly put my hand inside my jacket and bring out my phone. I slowly set it and all this while the Roos are standing watching me, but they don’t move. I slowly raise the camera to my eye —– and they are off. It’s so frustrating and the photographs I

Not a movement this time.

do get are not good or clear. I can understand their taking off if Benji barked at them, but he does not and I don’t threaten them in any way.  THEN….. just to show everyone that I tell fibs – the Roos, actually  stood still this morning (Saturday) and I was able to take a few not too bad photographs. We continued on our walk and got to the end, turned and started for home, the Roos lifted their heads but never moved as we walk away.

The new owners of Arrium – GFG Liberty Alliance – have announced a $750 Million spend over the next five years to start to bring the plant and equipment up to world standard. Finally, the State Government have announced that construction of the by-pass lanes on the Eyre highway will start in January. Of course, they did say that it would start in September, but that never happened, so I will wait and see what happens this time.

This weekend I set off to Mount Gambier. It had been my intention to stay overnight at Tailem Bend, but everything there is booked out for  a large wedding – well it’s not a big place. So  I ended up booking a hotel in Murray Bridge – only twenty minutes of a difference. This is Remembrance Weekend and the meeting is being held on Remembrance  Day. I will not make it back in time for our service, so provided Elizabeth are doing a service I’ll go over Elizabeth and then head home from there. I should be home sometime Sunday afternoon.  The

Yogi – Our friend’s dog

mornings are still a bit cool here,  but according to the weather people this weekend should be warm to very warm – 32c Friday ; 34c Saturday and 35c Sunday. Should be a nice weekend.  Yogi is still here but he should be going back home tomorrow. He’s no trouble at all and as I said, he and Benji get on well together and walking both of them in the morning is quite fun.


10 thoughts on “On the road again…

    1. It’s been a crazy week and it’s only Tuesday, If the amount of mail is anything to go by it could be a very long meeting so I might not get away Saturday afternoon, which means Monday before I get home.

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      1. Oh my. I didn’t catch that this post was only about today. I thought for sure it was about a week. That is crazy. Hope the meeting isn’t too long.


  1. I would love to travel with you to mount gambier… that is a good idea for remembrance weekend… btw: I grinned as I read about the roo’s… we had one here (escaped from a property) and this guy caused traffic blocks and accidents because the people landed in the road dirch while watching this miracle… 87k police men were not able to catch the roo on the run, it needed months till it was back at home… I hope the owner has a bigger fence now…

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    1. For a good part of the drive to Mount Gambier I think you would feel quite at home. Once we pass the town of Keith, we head down the Limestone Coast – one of the major wine areas of South Australia. We drive with vineyards on either side of the road.


    1. It’s not all that long ago ( six years or so) since this was all bushland. Ours was the last house in town, there was nothing beyond here. That all changed with the mining boom and a new private housing area was built and the land fenced off. It’s been Kangaroo land forever and they still come back through breaks in the fence. Last year we had Emus wandering about the place and they did cause traffic chaos.


  2. A fascinating and full paced week indeed. Funny thing about animals, they seem to anticipate the exact nano-second when the shutter is depressed as they make their move. Oh how I can relate. I’ve stood within 5 feet of a neighborhood fox for many minutes but the instant I click the camera, down the storm sewer he pops! Argh. Little Yogi is pretty cute. I’m sure there will be an adjustment for you and Benji with his pending absence.


  3. Yes, there was certainly an adjustment. Poor little Yogi was not too well and for the three days he missed his family, so although we went walking and played, come nighttime and he cried for a good part of the night. Then when he did sleep, it was only for a few hours. I do like being up and awake at 3am!! Annabell and I were concerned because that was not like Yogi at all. Anyway, he has gone home now and I did let them know how he had been.


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