It is now 2:15 on Tuesday morning and we are right in the center of a major thunderstorm. Benji is not happy with the thunder and lightening overhead, so I’m sitting beside him and talking to him a lot. He has never been bothered before but then it’s never been overhead and as loud as this before – and the crashing rain is not really helping.  Goodness, it’s loud..  Sleep – who needs it ???


6 comments on “Moisture

  1. awww that thunderstorms are annoying… we had one last week… in december that was so super odd that even the staff felt uncomfy (that chickens)


  2. Callie wasn’t bothered by storms until she was a bit older, either. I never did figure out what caused her storm anxiety; but as Shadow gets older, she’s a little bothered by close storms too. It might be age-related, or it might be something we haven’t thought of yet. Give Benji a kiss and belly rub for me.


    • It is now almost noon of the same day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and there is hardly a cloud in the sky and what there is, is white and fluffy. No sign that we even had any rain. Weird place !! I needs sleep. Oh Benji enjoyed his rub/]..


  3. Stay safe and I hope you have better weather for when Santa Paws visits sweet Benji.


  4. Oh yes, it was 41c today – 27c tomorrow and 38c on Monday – strange place is the arid lands. Spoke to people on Wednesday and they said the same – “have not heard it as loud as that for a very long time”.


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