So begins another year.

On Thursday (28th.)  I took a trip down to Adelaide. I did not  think driving down and back was a great idea so I took the coach down – well, yes, good and bad. The good was that I arrived

Pipes and Drums for New Year

there stress free  however the bad was sitting for so long my knee froze and I had difficulty walking for a bit. Mind you, I get the same sitting at the computer for too long. I really must get this attended to sooner rather than later.  Part of the reason for going to Adelaide was to get Annabell’s new phone sorted out. We do not have an Optus Shop in town – we have an Optus reseller, which is not quite the same thing. They will sell phones and accessories and create contrtacts, but they  are not authorised to do repairs, these things have to be done at an Official Optus Shop, with trained staff and  resources. If your mobile ( cell) phone breaks down, you can take it to the place here and they will send it off to Adelaide for repair. From here the nearest Optus Shop is either Adelaide or Port Lincoln – Port Lincoln, well if you are going to travel that distance you might as well go to Adelaide and have the benefit of all the other shops.

On Wednesday, as some of you may know, we had a visit from Sooah, her husband and The WaWa. Benji was not happy – not at all. I think it was a question of “Just when you thought it

My friends will save me

was safe to….” However, it was a short visit and absence has certainly not made the heart grow any fonder as far as Benji is concerned. Still it was fair karma for what he did to me causing the word “Adoption” to enter my head.  Well, I was singing, and he – my associate and companion –  got up out of his bed and left the room. I mean, that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think??  I was not all that impressed.  Anyway it was lovely to see Sooah and her family again – even the WaWa – and she was looking good –   ( the WaWa that is ) still agro,  but looking well.  And I did manage to get a cuddle from her and she perched on my shoulder and  neck. I could suggest she was looking for a good spot on my neck to sink her pointed teeth into, but that’s a bit on the mean side  :o)

Benji’s “Friend”

Annabell bought me a set of six  Bohemian Crystal Wine Glasses for Christmas and as we had Christmas Lunch and Dinner with my son, his family and all the family, at Andrew’s House, I never really had the opportunity to use them. I certainly will tonight and the wine will be single malt, 18 years old, made in Tain, Scotland.

Overall New Year here was fairly quiet. Annabell went to bed about 12:30  John James and I  sat chatting until about 01:30. At 6am I got up and took Benji out for his walk.  The days since New Year’s Eve have been busy in that one of our ladies ( in a nursing home) passed away and her funeral is on Thursday. I have had a busy few days getting  things ready for that  writing the Order of Service, printing, photocopy and collate. Well yes, not intensive work, but time consuming and a paper jam didn’t help. The family want to do a power point of highlights in their mother’s life  so I met the two sons and we set that up. The sad thing is that with all the new people in church today, most of the people who knew the lady, are gone.

All this stuff with Apple and the deliberate slowing down of iPhones,  I honestly can say that I have not noticed any difference in my iPhone and whilst I am not (like some) attached to my phone by an invisible umbilical cord, I do use it every day. One of my sons, for example, carries two phones around with him – his personal phone and the company phone, even at home when he is on call-out.

Well, hello there!

The temperature – apart from a couple of days – has not been too bad. Generally February is the hottest month, but  last year it was shown that the hottest month was Feb/April, so we’ll see this year. I really don’t have a lot of confidence in long term forecasts. I sometimes think they pull numbers out of a hat and use them. I was glad to see that the Kangeroos are starting to come back to the top area – and this is what can happen if you leave your gate open   :o)

10 thoughts on “So begins another year.

    1. Yes even over here we have been hearing about your weather and the major storm, that shut down a lot of Paris. Not pretty – you all stay safe.


  1. While the temps are warm in your neck of the woods, much of the US is in a Polar Vortex. Weather patterns are becoming noticeably more weird and extreme. One very smallish spot of snow and then poof! gone here. Denver’s weather was been unseasonable dry and on the warmer side except for a few days before and after New Years. No gradual getting used to chillier temps, just boom! A 50 degree drop. Brrr. On one of the many trips I’ve been making to visit my mum in hospital (she lives about 2 hours away), I inadvertently brought two right gloves (thank heavens for pockets). *Sigh* Because she’s still in hospital, I have a small go-bag of things I’ll need to avoid a similar error. We’re hoping she’ll be released the first of the week or so which she’ll no doubt relish since she’s been in for nearly 4 weeks! Have a terrific weekend; extra ear scratches for Benji and a hearty hello wave to the Roos from me.


    1. Thursday-36c Friday 41C, today, Saturday 44c. All of this is the “Official” temperatures, not what is coming down on your head – so as you suggested, it’s been hot here while you freeze – certainly weird. Tomorrow, Sunday, it all collapses to something around 26c, warm but at least I can take Benji out at a reasonable time rather than 5:30am to avoid the heat. Firefighters and water bombers are on standby this weekend.

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      1. Gosh, those are high temps! After all the mid-80’s F in California in the fire zone, I know how hard that is for the firefighters. Sending cooling thoughts your way.


  2. I’m so jealous that your iphone hasn’t been affected. I have a iphone 6 plus and mine is definitely affected and it just drives me crazy. I’ll wait and see if we get the cheap replacement battery option here before doing anything else though.


    1. Well if it has, I have not really noticed and as far as I am aware, it should be. It is a SE and that was on the list.And if anything I am the jealous one because I can’t nip into Apple, Rundle Mall :o)

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