Freaky Friday

Still raining

Well,  the thunderstorm began at about 3am – woke Benji up and that woke me up. Have been up since. Thunder lasted about half an hour but the rain has persisted and it’s wet and miserable. I hate this weather – not because it’s wet and miserable – but because it makes a fellow feel homesick! Right at this moment it’s still chucking it down – so much for the 47c only a few days ago and even the 41c yesterday. Lazy days at the beach in the sun with the dog,  then thunderstorms and heavy rain -just like Scottish weather sometimes, only the warm bits are just a tad warmer. It’s a differfent sort of heat and you can cope. Just as well as the brown wouldn’t be suntan – it would be rust   :o)

5 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. you said something very special and you are right!!! I just discovered that I feel the same when I see my parents and they have bad weather… then I feel homesick too… isn’t that crazy???


    1. Now that surprises me. I thought there was a lot of snow in Colorado at the moment and that you were part of the “snow bomb” that swept across the USA

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