Not my best days.

Every so often “one of those mornings” comes along. This morning was that morning. We went down to the church yesterday to photocopy the minutes of the Management Meeting ( Annabell is the Secretary)  and the Church Newsletter. Part of the way through that Annabell started feeling a bit unwell, so I took her home. I decided that I would go down  tomorrow (Saturday/Today) and finish off the photocopy.  So, today, I finished off her things and then started on the Newsletter (12 pages) only there was not sufficient A3 pape to complete the job. It being Saturday the two major stationery shops are closed but after running around I finally got a ream of A3 and started work on the newsletter. Halfway through doing this the toner

Things happen!

light came on and the machine ground to a halt. Too easy I thought, there’s toner in  the stationery cupboard. Well yes, there was a cardboard box and inside the cardboard box was a toner container, only problem was that the toner container inside the cardboard box in the cupboard – was also empty. No one, it seems,  had thought to order a replacement or even let me know that we needed one. When I got home and related all this to Annabell, her comment was “I did notice we were short on A3 and I meant to tell you” Oh well, these things happen!!

As we approach the official end of summer and the start of Autumn ( Fall), the temperatures, although still warm to warmer ( 28C – 37C)  at times,  have started to calm down. I really do hope that we are finished with the 46/47C. On the subject to heat, you may remember that I wrote some weeks ago about how the heat had burned up my plants and how the people at the garden center suggested that I keep on watering them because the  exposed  sections of the plants may be destroyed but the main plant  may still be alive and watering it could help to bring it out again. The dead leaves would act as a sort of umbrella for the new shoots —— well it didn’t work, the plants are well and truly dead. I had great expectations for the Mandevilla, expecting it to grow over the trellis, but now I’m not sure what to replace them with. I had a look at the Japanese Wisteria and I may take a run out to the Arid Lands garden tomorrow and see if they have a native Wisteria. The Bougainvillea was recommended but I think that has too many problems associated with it.

Ah! The Good Old Days —- not!

Monday and I took the toner box up to the stationery shop and they will have to order  from the manufacturer. Ah, there are times when I think the ladies of the early church with their Gestetner  Machines had it easy:::::  Well, no, that’s a silly thought, but it’s amazing the thoughts that run through your mind at times,  and all I can say is that this was in my mind when I walked out of the stationery shop   “Hmm I bet they  never had this problem when they were using gestetners”.

So much for my trip out to the Arid Lands Garden. I have been asked to drive out to Iron Knob to the tourist office and then to the Post Office. Both of those places have RFDS Donation Units and both are full. John Taylor, who normally does this is away,  and,  since no one else is available, I’m it. Still it’s  to be a pleasant day and since it’s  going to be reasonably cool, I’ll take Benji with me. He will enjoy the drive. Don’t see how really, since he simply curls up on the front seat and goes to sleep. Annabell says that doesn’t matter, he’s with his daddy and that’s all that’s important.

Benji and I had a nice, quiet drive through to Iron Knob to collect some donations for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. We went to the Tourist Center

RFDS Aircraft

and then to the Post Office. I bought some Postcards. First time in years I have been out there – it has changed. It’s 90 years since a Minister from the Presbyterian Church of South Australia had a vision to create a service that would provide a Mantle of Safety for people who worked, lived and traveled in the Outback. He was the Rev. John Flynn — Flynn of the inland — and the vision of 90 years ago is the Royal Flying Doctor Service of today.


7 thoughts on “Not my best days.

  1. those days are that days we should furget asap… and I remember the old days with the old copy machines… I once ruined my clothes and my hands with it… and while in a state I touched my forehead with anger… the worst idea ever, head tattoos were to avantgarde in the early 80’s they became famous many years later ;O)


    1. When we came to Australia in the 1980s they were still using a Gestetner. I remember the first copy machine we had – it used liquid toner and once false move and there was ink everywhere, desk, papers, clothes and body. I hated that machine with a passion.


  2. I can relate to this! I can’t count how many times I said to staff at the library “always say when toner / paper is getting low so we can order more”. You’d think it would be common-sense, but no. Not sure anyone ever put an empty away though, that’s an epic fail.

    I remember learning about the flying doctors at school. Great stuff.


  3. We have some those Murphy’s Law days around here too. It requires a lot of deep breaths and a few expletives screamed in my brain so as not to appear total cretin. Sounds like you handled everything with grace and pose. Bravo. And your traveling companion got to spend time with his favorite upright. That seems like a good win at the end of the day.


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