Benji and me – out and about

The Wetlands Bridge

Friday and after church I took Benji down to the wetlands again. I was surprised to see workmen working on the cafe  construction area. I mean it was Good Friday and a Public Holiday. Odd – very!  Anyway, Benji was ok and we did well until the gravel section and I carried him over that and set him down on the bitumen. He walked the rest of the way with no bother. This morning (Saturday) we got up and hit the road at 6am.  He was quite lively this morning and we went out on a slow walk – slow because it’s been four days and a lot of P-mail can build up in

The Lighthouse Cottages

four days!!  On Tuesday I’ll make an appointment with the vet to have a look at him and decide what to do about that claw. One of those weeks when I make a bunch of plans and everything goes off kilter. I had intended to get away for the day  today, but didn’t: I don’t know if I will get away tomorrow and Friday is out. Still, if nothing else we will get a run out to the Lighthouse.  Well we did go out to the lighthouse and it  wasn’t cold but it was very windy, difficult at times to hold the camera steady.  There is gravel there but it’s smooth and Benji was able to walk on it without too much bother. These last  few days he has been reluctant to go out early in the morning. I think I mentioned that last post and it hasn’t

changed much and I have  no intentions of forcing him to go out. But we still go down to the wetlands and stay on the  bitumen path, so there’s no problem there.

I had intended for him and I to go off for the day somewhere, but Annabell has been unwell and I am reluctant to go away for any length of time and leave her on her  own, so the lighthouse and the wetlands are about as far as we go at the moment. If the conference had been this weekend I would have had no hesitation in  an

Benji at the Lighthouse

apology.  Don’t panic, she is not desperately ill or sick, she is just unwell and a residue of ilness past (MRS)

This year the Royal Flying Doctor Service is 90 years old and  Central Operations  are holding functions in each of the major regional areas. We are one such area with over 547 landings here in the last year.  I have been in touch with Adelaide and have been working to help organise our morning.     The C.E.O. the Volunteer co-ordinator, the Anniversary coordinator, a doctor and a nurse will all be flying up to give presentations.  We were asked to organise  chairs, a lectern, loudspeaker and

RFDS Emergency Flight landing on Outback Airstrip

mike, and catering for about 80+ people which will include community leaders, Elected Members, Mayor and guests that we want to be invited – I had to supply a list of names and addresses of people who had helped us over the last year plus all our group.  For the catering – I made a presentation to the ladies of our church and asked them if they would be willing to do the catering for the function. They  agreed. However, they thought they would ask a few friends, who asked a few friends, who asked a few friends, who ——— well you get the picture. The response, to say the least,  was overwhelming with almost every church in the city – different denominations – have volunteered to contribute.  The Anniversary coordinator was contacted and told that the catering was all organised and who was doing it. He asked if there was an idea of  the cost, and was told that there would be no cost. I don’t think he quite understood and I was told the information had to be repeated   :o)  I had given him a contact number for catering arrangements.   All this will happen on the 3rd May, but we will get together on 23rd April to discuss the final arrangements.

The man and I went away for the day and we had a great day. Now you’re thinking that I said I wouldn’t go far because Annabell was unwell. Well, let

White Sands

me tell you that we had a fantastic day out and at no time was I ever more than 20-25 minutes away from the house. We started off at the Wetlands, then we drove to Wild Dog Hill, then from there out on the lighthouse road to the white sands beach. Our next stop was Fitzgerald Bay and finally, the lighthouse. A lot of driving back and forth but we enjoyed the day out, and if I was needed,  I could be home in 25 minutes at the longest.

The Road over the Hills to
Fitzgerald Bay


7 thoughts on “Benji and me – out and about

  1. Likewise, hoping that Annabell and Benjamin are both better soon. You’ve still had some nice places to walk though, and the event you’re organising sounds amazing! No doubt we’ll hear all about it in due course.


    1. Annabell is much better and a lot more lively now. In fact as I write this she is in the kitchen baking for the ladies who will be here tomorrow and Wednesday. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will take Benji to the Vet and we will see what we are going to do about that claw. I am so looking forward to the RFDS function in May.


  2. Sending oodles of poodles healing thoughts of comfort to Annabell (as well as for Benji’s paws to improve. Congrats on the 90 years and counting achievement. No doubt the preparations you are preparing will be top drawer.


  3. Thank you. Annabell is much better now and Benji will see the Vet. tomorrow – Tuesday. The RFDS function will be exciting and people will have the opportunity to be able to talk to one of the RFDS Doctors as well as a Flight Nurse and an Outback Nurse.


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