Adelaide, Funerals and nothing changes.

The Loaded Dog – inspired by a story by Henry Lawson. The same sculptor that created The Kelpies created this.

With all the new security systems that have come into force in Europe, I don’t know if I will continue to get posts from there. I have filled in all the forms and answered all the questions and ticked the boxes I thought were appropriate, so I hope to continue to see you.  I have just come back from a funeral in Adelaide. The funeral was in an area called Para Vista ( Montague Road). I no longer get up early, drive to Adelaide and then drive home again. That’s 9-10 hours of driving  and add to that if you take in breaks – and I just wont do that. I stayed overnight in North Adelaide and came home on Saturday afternoon. The way the Benji behaved you would have thought I had been away for a month instead of just overnight. Two funerals in two successive weeks, is a bit hard particularly an overnight stay. I suppose I could have missed the Adelaide trip and just not went, but the lady served the church for many years and although we were not all that close to her husband, those of us who knew her felt it was right thing to do to support her at her husband’s funeral.

Annabell has been progressing well and has been getting back out again. This evening I’ll take her to the coffee ladies and then pick her up again. We were at the doctors this afternoon and he is quite pleased with her improvement.  – BOTHER……. I must have pressed publish instead of Save. Anyway, I’ll just go on writing and update. Don’t think I can do anything else. Tomorrow is the last day of Autumn and then winter starts in earnest.  I have to say, though, it was just a tad fresh when I was out walking with Benji this morning. There was not a cloud in the early morning sky; the stars were  all visible and sharp and bright: the moon was bright, round,  very white and quite vivid and it was  cold, very cold and I regretted leaving the gloves on the chair.

The Memorial in Naracourte

Everything has been very quite of late and we do not have a single function booked  this month, so we are well down on what we contribute to the RFDS Central Operations this year. Thus far we are down about $15,000, but then it has been a bad year year all round and although there are major changes in the pipeline, it’s a long pipiline and it will be a while before they flow through and we start to recover and see the benefits. But there is disquiet in that it is being said that Mr. Gupta talks a lot and negotiates a lot, but there is nothing  we can really lay a hand on and parts of the shopping area of the town looks abandoned. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out , although Arrium is secure. I just wish the rest of the town had the same degree of certainty.

11 thoughts on “Adelaide, Funerals and nothing changes.

  1. Glad to hear that Annabell’s health is improving and that she’s getting out and about again, at least a little bit.

    The privacy statement is working – I closed and accepted it. I have to figure out how to set it up on my own blog. I just haven’t had the time. Or the access to my laptop.


  2. what good news for you and annabell…. I don’t know how long the whole world will stand all this annoying stuff by germany and the notorious EU… apart from dsgvo we get a ban for plastic flatware and we are only allowed to buy bottles where the cap is attached… bravo, our world has no other problems…


    1. From the news here, it would seem that Italy is not happy and it would appear there is talk of Italy wanting to follow the UK and leave the EU — personally I don’t see that happening any time soon.


  3. Glad Annabell is feeling better. (I missed where she was sick. Hope it isn’t anything too serious.) Our pups love us so much, a day away may seem like a month to them. :) Sorry about the 2 funerals. I think you did the right thing by going to support your friend in the loss of her husband. Afterall, you go to the funeral mostly for those who are still here, not for the deceased….to show support and let them know (if you knew and cared about the deceased) how much their loved one meant to you and made a difference in the world.


    1. Thank you. She is a lot better now – still a bit sore in places, but otherwise ok. Yes completely agree, but I really do hope that is the last of the funerals for a while. Benji gets so excited and when it is not too warm, I can take him out in the car with me. Can’t take him when I travel away, but coming back home again is great – for both of us..

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  4. Sorry for your loss. Blessings to you for the kindness you extended by attending that funeral in Adelaide. As for security issues, I too have accepted (countless and multiple times whenever I hit on a blog) the new cookies policy and it is quite discouraging as it seems to make no difference. I thought I did what WordPress decreed but have no clue if our blog is in compliance. Seems like it’s always the innocent who carry the burden for the bad behavior of a few miscreants. *Sigh*


    1. Thank you for your kind comments about Annabell. I feel the same and I do not know if I have done everything I am supposed to do. Not even sure what that is. Anyway, I am still getting post from Scotland and from France.

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