Emergency.- sort off……..

Well, not as such – no one is in danger or trouble – although I don’t know about trouble. Most of the posts that are arriving in my inbox are being deleted, sent to trash or sent to spam – mostly spam. I do not know why this is happening but I have lost much of the posts that have been sent. I thought you had just stopped writing – at least to me – and I didn’t know the posts were being hived off elsewhere. I have sent messages to WordPress.com,  but no reply as yet. So please understand that if I don’t comment or reply, I am not ignoring you – I may not have your post.


9 thoughts on “Emergency.- sort off……..

  1. uuuh someone fed the wordpress gremlin after midnight… we hope there is a way to fix all problems… normally the support is not bad and they have good ghostbusters who can help ….


  2. They do seem to have a problem. I have days when I just know all my comments are going into spam because they just vanish when I press send (normally they appear straight away or I get the visible after moderation message). I don’t use WordPress to read blogs, I recommend Feedly which works pretty well.


  3. So sorry you’re being victimized by the technology wizards. I’ve had some issues myself lately that I continue to try and resolve. We are sending oodles of poodles well wishes your challenges get sorted out soon.


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