Winds of Change

The daytime temperature has been nice but the mornings are cold – probably not in Adelaide – but up here, cold. The evenings have been much the same

Some of the larger birds at the wetlands. Swans have gone, though.

and I have taken to be rugged up if I take Benji for a walk around the wetlands in the evening as the sun  is on the wane. The other day my son sent me a message – “Wetlands in 30 mins.” so off  Benji and I trotted to the wetlands and caught up with him and the pram The day is great, warm and sunny, but the mornings and evenings are still cold. The month of November is a very busy month for the Royal Flying Doctor Group here. I said in the last post that I was asked to organise a fundraiser for this weekend – which I did – but this coming weekend is particularly busy with three events all going off on the one day. Next Saturday  I will be on the go from 8am to at least 9:30 pm. Still if it raises funds for the RFDS, it’s all worth it. I will be doing a fundraiser at the hardware store from 8;30 until 1:30 – a quick change and over to the Ada Ryan Gardens and the RFDS Simulator and  showing people through that until the close of the After Pageant Fair at 9pm and by the time we tidy up and get everything put away, it will probably be close to 10pm. Never mind – worse things happen at sea, or so they tell me.

The RFDS apart, it is going to be a busy time at church over the next month. The Lutheran Church are holding an Advent Service next week to which Annabell (my wife) and some other members of the congregation will be attending. With the other lady still on the sick list, I am still the Tuesday and Wednesday driver, and to add to that I have to take Annabell and pick up another lady for the Lutheran Advent Service on Wednesday afternoon. I thought after Mount Gambier things would start to calm down – oh sure, lead up to the Pageant,  Christmas, Carols in the Park and New Year and  you think things will calm down?

I had a bit of a “wake-up”call on Monday evening. On Sunday, the family come here for dinner. This Sunday Andrew did not come. We held off dinner, but still no Andrew. I tried to telephone him, but no reply. He was on call,  so we assumed he had been called out. Monday I tried several times to call him and again after dinner on Monday -still no reply. So I got into the car and drove to his place. He opened the door and he looked fit and well to me, but I asked how he was. He said he was fine. Talked to Trish and she was fine too. Trish quietly left the room leaving

My Grandson.

me with Andrew. I had just done what Andrew believed I would do when he did not turn up on Sunday and his phone remained unanswered – I would get in the car and drive over – and that is exactly what I did.  His reason for doing what he did is that he believed that this was the only way he could get me to come to his house. In the last year I have not been there to see my grandson, or play with him, because there has always been a reason to prevent me getting there –  organising some function or event for the RFDS – a church function or I am away for days at either Para Hills,  Naracoorte, or Mount Gambier on church business. And if i’m not doing that, I am up to my eyes in paperwork. He asked if I had to do the things I do – i.e. why me, why not someone else? I edit the church Magazine. This takes up time and effort but as much as I have tried to get people to even contribute – well,  everyone wants a magazine but no one is willing to help. The same with the State Newsletter – write on what’s happening here for the State Newsletter –  every other month I have asked for someone to do this- no one has ever responded. I have to go to the places I go to because that’s my role over and above running the service,  if you like. There are three of us who run the church, neither of the other two are fit to undertake the stress of  driving around the State – and by fit I mean medically – one is disabled and the other is recovering from  Cancer, which leaves me. Helen take care of everything locally and undertakes many of the visits, I look after things beyond local – that’s my role. I have to prepare reports for each of these meetings and be prepared to answer any questions that may arise. But Andrew is right, I am so tied up in other things that I am missing the growing up of my grandson – and to be very blunt and truthful – he is the only one I am likely to have.  Things will have to change and soon. I relayed all this to Annabell and she said she was not surprised  at Andrew’s method of getting me over there. “Your son knows and understands you more than you think he does”


14 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. Sounds to me like you need to learn how to say “no” or “I can’t do this any more. My last day will be _____.” No one else will ever step up to the plate if you don’t. Your grandson is far too precious to miss his growing up. So, just do it. Say “no” and mean it. Don’t answer your phone if that’s what it takes.


    1. Sadly I cannot not answer the phone. With an aging congregation, that’s not an option – but there are other things that will have to be looked at


    1. Yes he is but it’s not what I would have done – but then I guess that was the point. I really do need to spend much more time with the grandson. I am committed until after Christmas but after that – well we will see.

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    1. My son is a Systems Engineer and his company does a lot of work at Arrium and the Mines. He gets called out a fair bit – even when he’s not on call he gets called out because the person on call, can’t solve that particular problem, so they call Andrew. However, generally he tells me when he is on call so I know not to expect him some times. When it lasted into Monday afternoon, yes I was a bit worried and – well you know the rest. I have to have some serious though about this and perhaps it is time I retired from some of these things.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, it was good it led me to your blog. While I am sure everything you do is important, it is even more important to remember how blessed you are to have people in your life who love you and want to spend time with you. When I finally made myself clear to my husband that I would no longer play second, third or last fiddle to everything else (all good) that he was doing, he made a drastic change and we have never been happier. Of course, he did it in stages, and kept me informed of what and how he was dropping thing so I didn’t get frustrated. Best wishes to you.


    1. Sadly Annabell is not able to travel with me and because it’s South Australia there are very few places that are dog friendly, so I cannot take my dog with me either. The travel has been reduced from six times a year to four times a year. Doesn’t seem like a lot but it really does make a difference. And because Annabell is partly disabled, I am in constant telephone and computer contact with her while I am away. There are other things that I feel I need to withdraw from and I will see about some of them in the near year.

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    2. I do all these things and no one really bothered too much. If I was absent, the boys simply asked where I was and Annabell told them I was in
      Adelaide or Mount Gambier and that was fine. No drama. Well until, that is, the birth of the child and that has changed everything. Andrew wants me to be involved in the life of his son and I want to be because I never knew any of my grandparents. Still, If memory serves, this is not the first time the birth of a child has changed everything.

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