The Week that was.

It has been an interesting week: Monday 3rd. State Newsletter arrived. Printed it off then went down to the church to photocopy it for distribution. The photocopier started playing up, somehow the settings changed – fixed that (Shredded paper). Started again – paper jam. Fixed that (shredded paper) Second paper jam – cleared that, shredded paper, closed down and went home. AMP Papers arrived, downloaded them to fill in shortly. Annabell started getting things ready for the church Christmas Lunch found her trifle bowl was missing. Last used at Anniversary Service last week. Back to church – opened up gates again – unlocked kitchen and searched for missing bowl. Not found. Closed up and went home.  RFDS Meeting ended the day.  Temp 28c

Tuesday and we drove all around town looking for a new glass bowl – without success. Made a feeble attempt to clean up the  untidy bomb shelter that is sometimes referred to as my office.  Picked up ladies and took them and Annabell to the coffee

Early morning walk

evening.  Collected and took them back home.  Temp 32c

Wednesday and I sat and made out RFDS Greeting cards to send to people who have been a help to us over the last year.  Had serious brain fade and decided to hand deliver rather than post. Did that.  Wrote a thank you letter to the Woodworkers Association for the two Gavels they made and donated to us – signed, sealed and also hand delivered to the far end of town. Official temp 42.  Temp on the industrial thermometer under the pergola – 46c.

Thursday decided to make another attempt with the State Newsletter. Clear run. No problems at all. Not having found a new glass bowl by conventional means I suggested we try  Lifeline and see if they had anything suitable. They did and I bought it for her. Filled in AMP Papers and took them to the post office for Registered and Express Delivery. Collected Jacket from dry cleaners. Phone call from Adelaide – Husband very unwell and will be operated on soon. Might be a little bit before they are home again. Assured her Dougal was fine – missing her – but fine. and not to worry too much about him.  Temp. 40c

Friday. Took Annabell shopping. This took up most of the morning and by the afternoon I was here at the desk writing. Phone call from STRATCO to ask me if the RFDS would be able to help them out on Saturday 15th.  Sent email to all members asking for three  volunteers.  That done – contacted STRATCO and told them we would do it. Annabell reminded me that the church kitchen needed milk and could I attend to that.  Supermarket, bought milk, took it to  church.  We decided that we should put the tree up so I got the boxes from the garage only to find that the support legs for the tree were missing. Searched everywhere for them. Decided to get new tree- not a fiber optic tree to be had anywhere. Without the support legs the tree is unstable. I will have a good search and if I cannot find them, I  will drive through to the Port and see what I can find there in the way of a new tree. Temp. 37c

Raining a bit here and my stick now has small flowers.

Saturday and Sunday morning it rained and we were having more concerns about the Christmas Pageant and Market. It did clear and although it remained cool it also remained dry, so the pageant and the market were able to go ahead. I was at home and didn’t attend. And here we are, back to Monday again, cold wet and miserable – so much for the summer weather. The Eastern Seaboard battered by storms and it looks as if  much of December will be cold and wet. Sumer is coming – have no idea when but it is coming. It’s like a hair shampoo advert that was popular here some years ago with the catch phrase “It wont happen overnight, but it will happen”

6 thoughts on “The Week that was.

  1. Egad, that truly WAS a week. I hope you are able to find the missing bowl. Can’t believe the weather was so warm so early in the season. I’m sure the plants enjoyed the shower. Stay dry and not too busy this week.


    1. Did find the missing bowl but too late for the function – still, we now have an extra bowl that will probably come in useful for something. Last few days have been cool to cold and mostly wet. Temp around 18c. Took dogs out this morning and gave serious thought to abandon walk and head for home – it was very cold at 6am.

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