2019 – Meet the New Year – Same as the Old Year :o)

See you next Year….

Well, time to think about taking down the tree and all the decorations. Once I’ve done that here, I’ll go down to the church, dismantle and put away the Christmas Tree there. Then after that I might take a drive down to the  supermarket and get myself some Hot Cross Buns – might even pick up an Easter Egg whilst I’m there. Sad, isn’t it?? I mean we  only just cleared Boxing Day and the Hot Cross Buns were in the shops already.  Don’t know about the Easter Eggs, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  Things have been fairly quiet on all fronts – a heatwave followed by two serious thunderstorms, then back to more normal weather for this time of year. We will have one day ( Thursday) when the temp. is forecast to hit 42c but other that that fairly normal mid 30s,

The company John works for has just completed a multi-million dollar upgrade and a rebuild of part of the facility. Because of the disruption they are well behind on orders and need to catch up – so they have that as well as starting up new equipment and sorting out any problems that may arise with the new plant and equipment, so in order to bed in the new plant, and work on catching up with orders,  the company has gone on twelve hour shifts for the time being. John is on nightshift —- bit of a shock to the system :o)  Andrew is supposed to be on holiday but he was called out and t

Friends together.

here was a possibility that he would be called out again, so he stayed at home. And there you are – Annabell and I – for the first time ever – spent New Year’s Eve on our own – well  we did have Benji and Dougal – but no other uprights. Did get text messages from both boys so  that was good. Sam ( Dougal’s daddy) is still in hospital. It was thought that they had sorted the blood loss problem and he was  allowed to go and stay with his daughter for a bit before coming home, but after two days he was rushed back into hospital. This was just before Christmas and I haven’t heard how things are since. We could have Dougal for a bit longer. That’s ok – he is not a problem.

Got the dogs out early this morning before the temperature  builds up to the expected 42c today. This time next week I should be in Adelaide. I have some things that I need to do and I want to get the problems with Annabell’s  mobile (cell) phone sorted out. We do not have an Optus shop here, only an agent and they can’t do much other than sell you a phone. So, anyway, here we are in 2019 and I have to say that I haven’t really noticed much difference. I’ve gone back to an A5 Organiser rather than an A6 mainly because I was having difficulty getting A6 inserts and I am not really keen on Filofax Personal. Years ago David Jones used to be the place for Filofax and other Organisers  Years ago it was also so simple – not so now. Now if I want inserts for my organiser I have to order them from overseas – the UK or the USA – in the case of the USA $30 for the inserts and $26 for postage and that’s $US converted to $AU $87, which is  ridiculous. I could go into Officeworks  and buy a brand new Organiser with inserts for just about that. Ok so it wont be good quality leather, but chuck that  in a cupboard somewhere and  use the inserts that come with it.   So I have gone back to a larger size because, oddly enough, the inserts are easier to get and I can download them and print that size on my printer. Not so A6.

Monday Lisa

I’m not very good at joining things but I did join a  Filofax/Organiser site  and although I still follow it,  I find that there is very little that really interests me on there these days. I find  my self playing  Batman’s Joker – “Why so Serious?” There is also a regular round table Skype call but it’s always a Sunday and the family are here so I never take part. Oh and  to help me in  the joy I find in taking photographs I  attended the local Camera/ Photography Club. I did very well, I thought. I lasted  two meeting before I came to the conclusion that it was not really for me. and I left. I like taking photographs and I always have a camera with me everywhere I go. I have an old Nikon Coolpix L100, which I keep in my laptop bag. I bought this off some old fellow called Noah many years ago. I am not a great photographer but I like taking photographs. I have bought many books on photography, but I found them confusing even after the blurb says that they are targeted at beginners. I suppose one day they will come in handy as door stops.

9 thoughts on “2019 – Meet the New Year – Same as the Old Year :o)

  1. I removed my christmas decorations, but forgot those outside… dang! it’s always the same LOL it’s like ” Dinner for One” …„The same procedure as last year?“ – „The same procedure as every year James “


    1. We are conditioned to traditions all of our lives. As children we have different games for different seasons, so we just fit into different traditions for different seasons as adults.


  2. The one advantage to not putting up a tree in December is not having to take it down in January. But I missed the festivity. We’ll see next year…going on holiday in November put me too far behind for keeping up with the normal holiday traditions. Little Dougal and Benji are so adorably cute together. They look like the best of buds.


    1. Well, I have to plead guilty there. Annabell Didn’t want a Christmas Tree this year but I put the Christmas Tree up and decorated it. Thus on the 5th January, after I had come back from the walk with the dogs, I took it down and put everything away. Benji and Dougal are best buds. so it’s easy to look after him because he fits in so well. It has now been 49 days since he came – which means that Sam has been 47 days in the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

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  3. My organizer is on my phone – in the form of three little apps: notes, reminders, and calendar – but I bought 2019 inserts for my DayRunners (a big one I leave here at home and a smaller one to take with me). Now if I could just make myself sit down long enough to set it up. 🤣

    As for the camera/photography “thing”, I’m right there with you. I like taking photos – especially of the dogs and grandkids – but find all the “bells and whistles” on the high-end cameras too complicated. I’ll stick with my phone’s camera and my little Canon point-and-shoot.

    Sam, Shadow, Ducky and I spent New Year’s Eve home alone, too; and enjoyed it. We don’t really like being away from home that much any more. And with Shadow being a senior at 14+, I prefer being close by in case she needs help.


    1. I have always used a paper Organizer. However, I did have a period in the very late 90s / early 2000+ when I used a Palm Pilot. I went down the electronic way for a bit but I didn’t find it satisfying so after a couple of years the Palm Pilot became a Drawer Pilot and last time I looked, it was still there.
      I have a Canon with all the necessary bells and whistles, two inter-change lenses and some other stuff. It all sits quietly in my camera bag and I am very happy to report that it does not complain at all – it’s very comfortable there. As I said, my little Nikon goes most places with me.


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