We have the Power — Oh no you don’t !!!

We don’t got none………..

Well, we have now – otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. The power went off without warning at 3:01 yesterday (Sunday)

1st SMS  4:30       SA Power Network: Power will be restored at 6pm

2nd. SMS   6:16     SA Power Networks: Power will be restored at about 8pm.

3rd SMS   9:00       SA Power Networks:  Power will be restored at  about 11pm

Yadda                     12 Midnight

Yadda Yadda            01:00 Monday —– Power was restored at 1am this morning


Gollleee I am so thankful that it was only 35c otherwise we could have been in strife!!  Had to sent the family home but at least we were able to feed them – sort of. But hey – what a wonderful way to start Monday and a new week. But – and here is the really exciting news –  Planned power outage on Tuesday from 8am to 3pm and again on Thursday 8am – 2pm.


8 comments on “We have the Power — Oh no you don’t !!!

  1. Hoping it won’t be too hot during those outages. What is the purpose of them? I hate loosing power. I sometimes don’t appreciate things enough, until I don’t have it anymore.


    • Sadly it’s going into a heatwave again starting tomorrow. Thursday will be about 45c. Talking to Annabell, I think we will be going out for an extended lunch at the Foodcourt at the Shopping Centre.

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      • That sounds like a great idea.


      • Yes it does, but the more I thought about the more I realised it was not. We cannot – in all fairness – go out to the coolness of the shopping centre and leave Benji in a warm house on his own – that’s just not fair, nor is it right. He’s family and we have to look after him, so if he can’t go, well neither can we`. We just have to put up with it together.


  2. that is awful… and with this temperatures I would send 87 arrrooos to the sky when I think about the freezers and the stuff inside…


  3. Yes, well we go through it tomorrow and Thursday and 45c temperature on Thursday – Joy!!


  4. Ugh. Rolling blackouts always come at the worst possible time. I hope things improve soon.


    • Lost power again this morning. No walk because I didn’t want to go out and leave Annabell in a dark house with no power – particularly as she was still sleeping . Power came back on at 7:15 but there is a planned shutdown today starting at 8am. Making sure everything is fully charged and batteries at hand.

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