The week ends – with a bang, not a whimper..

Sunday 24th February

This is only part of the overall damage

It has been a very hectic week with all sorts of things happening, up to and including a funeral. However, we decided to have an exciting ending to this hectic week – tie it all up, so to speak.  This morning, after church we had a Management meeting. After the meeting we closed up and I took Annabell to the shopping center. She felt the  item that she particularly wanted was cheaper at the smaller chopping center on the way home, so after leaving the main shopping center we headed there. She got what she wanted and we got back in the car and started to drive off. Just at that moment a vehicle decided to back out without paying attention and crashed into me. On an American car this would be the driver side, here it’s the passenger side. She backed out at a fair trot so there was extensive damage to the car, however, much more serious was the fact that Annabell was trapped in the car  since the  door had been pushed in and could not be opened. The police , fire brigade ( I’ll explain that) and an ambulance were called. There was a delay before the Fire Brigade arrived but the  Medics tried to assess Annabell  but could not until we got the door open and her out.

After Annabell was out.

Anyway they got her out and she was placed on a gurney and taken into the Ambulance. Once she had been assessed they called their supervisor in Adelaide and outlined the  situation. Her suggestion was that she should be taken to the hospital for examination – just to be safe.. The police took all the details then both the other driver and myself were tested   for alcohol and then drugs.  The damage also included  damage to the rear tyre, so that had to be attended to in order to make the vehicle safe

Once all the legal details were attended to I  spoke to the attending officers and they told me that I could drive the car home – but no further, so, I have no car. Fire Brigade. What you see is the normal  fire engine that would attend a fire, however, out of the picture is the Big Emergency Unit with all the major and heavy equipment. This was a  Shopping Center car crash and there is always the possibility of leaking fuel, a possible fire and so on. So in the case of an incident in a car park the Emergency Unit comes to assess the situation. The other car had a big towbar and most of the damage was done with the towbar. In essence, the whole side of the car will have to be replaced. Somehow I have the feeling that this could take a while to get sorted out.

Just asked Annabell if she had a good day? She said yes – it was interesting and she met some really nice paramedics.  “How About you?  “Yes I too had a good day, chatted to some friendly police officers and a couple of Firemen. So yes, it was an interesting day”. Well, no point in fretting about things you can’t change   :o)


8 thoughts on “The week ends – with a bang, not a whimper..

  1. So sorry you and Annabell had to endure this! But thankful that you are both okay and safe. The car can be replaced; you two can’t. And I admire your attitudes about the day. Keep Smiling!!

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    1. Thank you. Annabell is fine. She was a bit shaken but she was checked out at the hospital and was released within the hour. She lay down for a rest when the boys brought us home, so everything is well. Take away for dinner last night – (Chinese) :o)

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  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry about the accident but very glad no one was seriously hurt. It’s always a hassle sorting out the repairs, insurance, etc. Whenever an emergency is called in, a police vehicle, a larger fire truck, and an ambulance always arrives (dispatch must be very busy getting them all there so quickly) and blocks off the street with all these vehicles. Good luck dealing with the aftermath. Bravo for the positive attitudes!

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    1. I really liked my car, which I have had for a good while. It’s 15 years old. well looked after and serviced. I think the damage will be too great to be repaired. I suspect it will be written off – which is a great shame. However, Annabell is ok and that’s all that is important. I was really scared when the other car hit me that she was hurt, but she was ok. A bit shaken, but unhurt and otherwise fine..

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    1. Yes thank you Anabel. Annabell was a bit shaken up but otherwise unhurt, so that was very fortunate. I’m just upset because I have had my Ford forever and that particular model is not made anymore, and this is the first accident I have ever been involved in.

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  3. Parking lots can be so dangerous! I’m so glad that you were both okay and able to end the day with focusing on the positive rather than the negative. Good luck getting everything sorted out and getting your vehicle fixed or replaced.


  4. The new Shopping center is a dog’s breakfast ( and that’s being generous) when it comes to parking. The new supermarket extension extends well in to what was parking areas. So in order to maintain the same amount of parking, the spaces for each vehicle have been reduced. It’s not the best of parking areas any more. Anyway, according to the insurance the car is a write-off because the towbar went through the bottom of the door and damaged the frame. The photograph gives only a rough idea of the damage.


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