Thursday Update

The damage is mainly at the bottom of the door on the inside.

The car was taken to the repair shop for examination and the results are worse than I imagined. The damage is to the front panel, the bonnet, the front door, the rear door and the rear panel.  Just looking at at it, it seems like cosmetic repairs – not so. As I said there was a big tow bar on the car that hit me and that is where the problem is. The towbar has gone through the bottom of the passenger door and damaged the frame. With the frame compromised the car has to be written off.  The insurance Co. will pay the book price of the car. Now, I have had this car for a long time, it is a Ford Falcon Futura Classic, regularly service, well looked after and well cared for. but all that counts for nothing and what I will get paid out is only fraction of what the car is really worth. Oh well, welcome to the real world. At the moment I can drive the car but that will end as soon as the report by the Repair Garage is accepted by the Insurance Co. and the car has to be handed over  and the registration plates removed ——-and the cheque is in the bank. Once that is completed – hopefully soon – I will head off to Adelaide and look for another car. And yes, I could get one here, but Adelaide will be cheaper – larger volume of car sales so cheaper prices.


7 comments on “Thursday Update

  1. Sorry for the bad news, my friend! I hope the person who hit your car gets a hefty increase in her insurance premiums!


  2. I’m so sorry… but I hope the car changing goes smooth and you will find a good car what brings you only to wonderful places ;O)

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  3. Oh no! It’s not just losing a good car it’s all the inconvenience and hassle that goes with it. Wishing you good luck …


  4. Thank you. Yes I am discovering all that now. Need lots of luck..


  5. So sorry the car is totalled. I hope you are able to find a wonderful deal to replace your car. Any chance the driver can be accountable for more money to put toward a new car?


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