Friday – Floor Laying.

I am going to be quite late in replying to comments. Yesterdat the workman came and started the preperation for the work today. Last night the boys ( our sons) came over and we moved everything out of the lounge and it is now stacked everywhere. I have a little corner of the desk left and I will lose that when I shut down shortly.  The workmen will be here soon (7:30) and will start to lay the new floor ( Tasmanian Oak). The last of the bits – mainly the TV and cabinet – had to leave that for Annabell last night – will be moved and I will end up with that in my room. Poor Benji has no idea what is happening but I guess as long as he has a place to lay his head, he will be quite happy. Now I have to go and  get the car out of the driveway so that the truck can get in. See you in a couple of days – actually, if all goes well,  and the boys arrive we might get much of the furniture back in place tonight. I am going to try and leave me some space, but I am posting this – just in case.

4 thoughts on “Friday – Floor Laying.

  1. They came yesterday and set the place up. This morning they came at 7:15 and started work. They finished just before 2pm. The floor is called Tasmanian Oak and it looks good. John and I put the furniture back in place this evening. I am pleased with the result


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