Towards the Final Curtain B


Blank, Blank, Blank and Blank again!! I don’t know what I have done but I have lost 800 blank words. A full post gone along with all the photographs.  I have no idea how I did it or even what I did, or even if it was my own fault, but everything just vanished

Snow in Canberra

and nothing I have been able to do  has helped to restore the post. I can’t even remember what I wrote. The name of the post is still there but the 800+ words are gone.  I feel that this is merely another chapter in the  frustration that has been me and WordPress over the last year. I have now come to accept Spam as simply a different name for the Inbox but in trying to search for this missing posts I came across posts that I never knew existed. I expect it’s a bit too late to do anything now, but at least two nice people are probably reflecting on my rudeness in not replying to their messages, particularly the lady in Sydney NSW Anyway, this has really added to what has been a really, really bad week. Started off  well with me having to go to hospital for x-rays on my left wrist and arm. Out walking with Benji early Monday morning, I tripped and fell to the ground so fast I was  down before I realised what had happened. For a few moment I just lay there unable to move. Sadly I didn’t hit my head – I say sadly because I figure doing so might have knocked some sense into me.. As for Benji – I think he must have decided Daddy wanted a bit of a rest so he came over, licked my face, then sat down – totally unconcerned. I discovered that I could not put any weight on my left arm so it took me a few minutes to get back up again and discover that apart from the left wrist and arm, I was ok. We finished the walk and went home. Annabell was awake and  she seemed to realise I was in some pain so she helped me get my outdoor clothes off. I managed to see my doctor who sent me to the hospital for x-rays. He also had a few choice words to say about the fact that I drove to the surgery – not the brightest of things to do, but there you are.  Anyway, nothing is broken or cracked,  some trauma to the arm muscles  which has caused swelling and will settle down again – in the fullness of time.  What I did do, though, was go see the Pharmacist  and get a support strap that would allow me to vigorously attack the keyboard.  One of our elderly ladies died on Friday last and there was a funeral to arrange and an Order of Service to  create, print and photocopy. Why didn’t I ask someone else to do it??  Simple – there is no one else! We cancelled Annabell’s hospital visit on Tuesday afternoon because of the funeral, but I did take her to her coffee evening on Tuesday night. One of the things that that always stresses  me is whether or not I have made sufficient copies of the Order Of Service. I stress about it every time, but we always seem to be ok. In the before photograph it was discovered that there was a slight “lip”in the concrete which had to be attended to. That was smoothed out with quick drying cement and a heater the day before the  the workmen started. We put a heater on for a few hours so by the time they came it was dry and work could begin. – And no, I didn’t do it – they did.

Benji likes the new floor
Fire New South Wales

Whilst some parts of the country are in severe drought, other parts are on fire, other parts are running out of water, and Canberra has snow. Spring and snow in Canberra. Well, ok, not quite a patch on the “Beast from the East” but snow…  Last night it was announced on the news that people with breathing difficulties as well as babies and the very elderly, need to stay indoors tomorrow – Thursday. This will be a day of very high wind and there will be  problems with duststorms. This will present life threatening concerns for people with breathing difficulties.  Today is Thursday and I can tell you that it has been blowing all day – sometimes  85 – 100 kph with a temperature of 35c. There is certainly a lot of dust and it has not been – and is still not – a nice day. Still, it could be worse, we could be in a fire zone area. Yet, there was hardly a breath of wind when Benji and I went out at 6am this morning.

What with me deciding to experience homelessness and curl up on the concrete with my dog, we have fallen far behind our step and millage total for the week. Just have to write this week off. Sarurday and we have a Fundraising event  for the RFDS at the local Hardware. Son John, me and one other will do this one. Hope the weather is a bit better than it currently is

11 thoughts on “Towards the Final Curtain B

  1. Fortunately there were very few accidents and no one was injured. Today is a marked change and it has been raining heavily since about 11am this morning. It’s still raining and it is 7:30 and no sign of letting up. No walkies tonight..


  2. Oh No! Well, at least the new floor is done – and looks GREAT! – but everything else? You poor dear! Hope that arm feels better SOON!! Can’t you get someone at WordPress to help with your problems?


    1. I am fine, thank you. A face lick from Benji made all the difference. It will take a little time to settle down again but it will be ok. I have given up and I merely accept Spam as an alternative Inbox. As for the ‘Lost Post”I have a feeling that it may well have been something I did.


    2. Thank you about the floor. Son John thinks it needs a good rug to deaden what he thinks is an “echo “sound. Arm is getting better. Fortunately nothing broken. Have given up and now consider “Spam” as an “Proxy inbox”. Seems to work..


  3. We are very sorry to learn of your fall and injury. Having lost 3/4 of my recently published ‘BarkBook’ I share in your frustration. Life is busy and complicated enough without having to rewrite stuff. I’m with Benji…the new floors look ‘pawsome!’


  4. Still a little bit tender but otherwise fine.. As I lay there, the life slowly ebbing away, Benji came over and licked my face – and that made all the difference :o) The new floor is great but John (son) thinks it’s a bit too “echoie”( is that even a word?) so he suggested a nice rug. He could be right, so I will have a look when I go down to Adelaide soon. Have given up trying to change things so I just accept “Spam” as another inbox.


  5. I wasn’t hurt too badly – pride more than anything I suspect. I lost a lot of posts until I discovered that somehow they were going into the spam folder. I tried to correct that but can’t so I now consider the Spam folder as an alternative inbox. Seems to work :o) Thank you about the floor. My son things it has a bit of an echo and suggested a nice rug. He could be right.


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