Towards the Final Curtain E

looks like time is running out.

Some more firefighters from South Australia headed off to New South Wales to assist the men and women who are battling against the fires in that state, Things are not good in  NSW or Queensland and we understand that at least one of the fires in NSW, one that destroyed property, was deliberately lit. A friend in Scotland expressed surprise at the ages of some of the vandals here in South Australia and only a few days ago police arrested vandals, who smashed up a take-away window at McDonalds got inside smashed up chairs and threatened staff with knives –  the oldest was 13, the youngest  was 10 and two of the offenders were girls. And this happened in Port Lincoln.  I mean it is reaching the stage where people break into your house – your fault for not having your property better protected. What’s the government doing???  not a lot, really. We have a government that is bent on achieving a balanced budget and creating a budget surplus and

Just Because

they don’t really care how they do it;  they will cut the funds to whoever, schools, hospitals, courts, police;  sell off what they have to sell off in order to achieve that goal. And having managed to  get themselves hated by just about everyone in the community, they will get kicked out  at the next election and be in the wilderness for the next 20 years.   The government announced today that it is closing off 60 beds at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and 10 Beds at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital at a time when Ambulance ramping is at an all time high.  They maintain it is a operational decision and not a cost cutting exercise. Likewise, the selling off of the Transport System to a Private Operator – operational efficiency not a money grabbing exercise.  South Australia is changing and I don’t feel it’s for the better. We have not reached the British stage where members are hurling abuse at each other across the floor of the House.

Now that her eyes have settled down I am taking Annabell for eyes tests this afternoon. She will be tested for reading glasses and she will be thankful to be able to read again. She misses not being able to sit and read at night – sometimes she even puts the light on o:) I am still having difficulty adjusting to seeing her without glasses. Next week there will be a Special Church Service to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the  founding of the Women’s Association here. Annabell is the Secretary but not being able to see properly nor read, she has had to let other people do the work. However, she will have her new glasses by early next week so she should be ok for the Service.

Justice as she is spoken in Horstralya! _  He lost control of his Lamborghini, crashed it into a shop front, killed a young 15 year old girl and seriously injured her friend (girl)  who was with her. Was arrested and charged with careless and dangerous driving. Has been charged  in the past – has a record of  bad driving, has 18 expiation notices against him. Had his driving license   removed.  Went to the judge and asked that his license be returned because his wife is 8months pregnant and he needs to drive her to medical appointments. Police  objected but the kindly  judge reissued his license, but told him he is only to drive to the hospital and back home – not to drive elsewhere. Yeah – right  !!!!! Seems to me if he can afford to buy and run a Lamborghini, he can afford to pay for a Taxi.  There have been protests in Post Lincoln against the rising youth violence and as one protester  said, “the police arrest them and the court tells them they are “naughty” and puts them back on the street”

Not looking good.

After the nice temperatures of 31c we have gone back to winter temps again with a cool to cold 17c – 14c and while in some places that might seem like a nice day, here it is cold. The wind  is a cold wind keeping the temps down. Never mind the climate crisis, there are now a number of towns in New South Wales and Queensland that will run out of water if there is no rain anytime soon, and others who have less than a year supply of water left. Australia is not the “Lucky Country” that it once was.  P.S.   I know, I know – I am growling!! Sorry.


4 thoughts on “Towards the Final Curtain E

  1. Your government sounds similar to the one ‘running’ things here. How it is that people can be duped by these cruel, depraved people is quite remarkable. What has happened with humanity, be they young or old? 😟

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    1. I honestly do not know nor understand, but I do know that here there are no consequences for much of what happens. The lady in Port Lincoln was right – the police catch them and the courts put them back on the street.. I don’t know what is happening to society, but it’s not good.

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