Heatwaves, Fires and Gardens

Decorating the Shopping Mall Food Court

After the two mini-heatwaves things have not only died gown they have gone downright silly. This last week – the last days of spring and the first days of summer, have been cold, wet, dank and generally miserable. I mean it was only touch and go that I wear gloves when out walking with Benji first thing in the morning. However, I did have a heavier than usual jacket on. The fires are still burning in Queens;land and New South Wales while in other parts of the states – there being a drought there is nothing much to burn. A former Moderator died  and  the service was last Wednesday. Annabell was unwell and I  spent the day looking after her, so I was not able to go down to Adelaide to the service. Then on Friday past, one of our oldest members – 97 – died. He was a member and his wish was that the funeral should be at the church. His two daughters are charismatics and  they insisted that the funeral  be at their hall.

The others all bounced away.

This is not what he wanted but their argument is that they are family and their wishes prevail regardless  of what we might “think” he wanted. But it’s not something you argue about, so his daughters had their way and since they had no idea what they were doing – and didn’t ask anyone for advice, it was not perhaps the  the best run service. The oldest daughter telephoned us at 9:30 (the funeral is at 11am) and asked if we would do the introduction and open the service. They didn’t even consult with their own acting pastor, nor tell him what they were doing. He was as much in the dark as we were.  Anyway, we got through it in a decent / respectful manner – which was important.

Thursday and my car is going for a minor repair. The rear light is not working and it seems it needs a part replaced. It arrived yesterday so the mechanic is going to do the repair this morning. Shouldn’t take long. Took Benji out for his walk this morning and was surprised to see lots of kangaroos at the  far end of the walk.

These, however seem more skittish than usual and took off as soon as I came into view. A braver than the rest stayed and I did get one (not so great) photograph. Since there has been some rain there should be still some food and water left out in the bush.  I have  started laying out food for the birds but not near the house – not with all these cats around the place. Mostly for the Magpies which are big enough and strong enough to  chase the cats off.  If you have never been swooped by Magpies, you are very lucky. I have and let me tell you, it’s not fun.  During the breeding season they are fierce in defending their nests and their territory and  they can cause serious injury. However, there are no trees up this end – no nests – no swooping – reasonably friendly Magpies.

I said – years ago – when we moved here, that my house was the last house in town and that beyond me was bush. Of course that is no longer the case and there are many houses that

Same garden other side of the driveway
One of the few gardens

were build  beyond me to accommodate  the  “Mining Boom”demand for accommodation.  Not very many of the houses are privately owned. There are very few gardens – mostly the front area is covered in gravel and is a car-park rather than a front garden – sometimes between 6 – 8 cars, SUVs or mining vehicles. There are a few gardens but “few ‘ïs about the right word. I’ve never taken a photograph because it would be too time consuming to open Photoshop and  scrub out all the individual  registration numbers and, in some cases, the mining identifications of the vehicles that are parked on the gravel.

The fires continue in New South Wales and Queensland. Over 40 firefighters have arrived from Canada to help our firefighters battle the  fires. The City of Sydney is not immune and the dust and smoke from the fires drifting over the city are causing more than a few problems, and the photographs from Zambia showing the drying up of the Victoria Falls, is more than a worry. The temperature today was 46c

13 thoughts on “Heatwaves, Fires and Gardens

  1. The garden is beautiful. Sometimes funerals can be messy and you do have to listen to the relatives, even when you know they are “wrong.” Sorry to hear about all of the fires. I hope they get them under control soon.


    1. Well, yes, it was a bit messy but it was completed with respect. Fires are still not under control and the weather in that part of the state is not really helping – hot and high, fluctuating, wind changes.

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  2. your garden is so beautiful…and it is like a balm for the eyes to see the colors while we have 50 shades of gray everywhere. we saw the fires in tv and we keep the people the pets and the wildlife in our thoughts…


    1. Thank you – I wish it were my garden, but it’s not. Country is weird at the moment – fires in one area – major dust storms in another area, and extreme heat in yet another part. It’s all very strange.


    1. You’re right – not a place I would like to be – funerals can certainly bring out the worst but they can also bring out the best. This was sort of halfway but came good in the end. There are a “few” nice gardens in the new area, some look like carparks and some look pretty much as they were when the builder left.

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    1. Several fires are still burning and the conditions are not good – hot and very windy. Sydney continues to be shrouded in smoke and dust from the fires. Our saving grace is that around here there would only be scrub fires that could be controlled very quickly – not for the state – just this area.


    2. Forgot to mention that 40 firefighters from Canada have arrived to assist and give the NSW firefighters a break and South Australia has several units over there.


  3. Over 700 Firefighters and units from all over South Australia are now in NSW helping to fight the fires and give the NSW firefighters a break.


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